Commit 375b420f authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

CSharp: Fix regression in VS project type selection

A that target contains only `.cs` sources should be generated as a
`.csproj` project even if it links to non-CSharp static libraries.
The latter case was broken by refactoring in commit v3.12.0-rc1~160^2~7
(remove TargetIsCSharpOnly() and use methods from cmGeneratorTarget,
2018-03-19).  The reason is that the `HasLanguage` method added by
commit v3.12.0-rc1~239^2~6 (cmGeneratorTarget: add HasLanguage() as
wrapper for GetLanguages(), 2018-03-19) enforces its "exclusive" check
on the combined set of source file languages and the link language.
To restore the original `TargetIsCSharpOnly` semantics, update
`HasLanguage` to enforce exclusiveness only on the list of sources.

Fixes: #18239
parent 8b21aa0a
......@@ -5227,10 +5227,14 @@ bool cmGeneratorTarget::HasLanguage(std::string const& language,
std::set<std::string> languages;
this->GetLanguages(languages, config);
// The "exclusive" check applies only to source files and not
// the linker language which may be affected by dependencies.
if (exclusive && languages.size() > 1) {
return false;
// add linker language (if it is different from compiler languages)
return (languages.size() == 1 || !exclusive) &&
languages.count(language) > 0;
return languages.count(language) > 0;
void cmGeneratorTarget::ComputeLinkImplementationLanguages(
......@@ -366,7 +366,7 @@ public:
// Evaluate if the target uses the given language for compilation
// and/or linking. If 'exclusive' is true, 'language' is expected
// to be the only language used for the target.
// to be the only language used in source files for the target.
bool HasLanguage(std::string const& language, std::string const& config,
bool exclusive = true) const;
......@@ -21,3 +21,9 @@ target_link_libraries(CSharpLinkToCxx CLIApp)
# because it is unmanaged
add_library(CppNativeApp SHARED cpp_native.hpp cpp_native.cpp)
target_link_libraries(CSharpLinkToCxx CppNativeApp)
# Link a static C++ library into the CSharp executable.
# We do not actually use any symbols but this helps cover
# link language selection.
add_library(CppStaticLib STATIC cpp_static.cpp)
target_link_libraries(CSharpLinkToCxx CppStaticLib)
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