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    OpenSSL: Issue an error if OpenSSL is not found · dd3e4767
    Kyle Edwards authored
    When building with the built-in Curl, CMAKE_USE_OPENSSL is only set
    to ON by default if an OpenSSL installation is detected. However, this
    can cause the user to mistakenly build without OpenSSL support if
    OpenSSL is not installed, because CMAKE_USE_OPENSSL is set to OFF in
    that case. Always set CMAKE_USE_OPENSSL to ON by default on systems
    where it could be available, skipping the initial detection, resulting
    in an error when we try to use OpenSSL later on. Detect this error
    and advise the user to either install OpenSSL or set CMAKE_USE_OPENSSL
    to OFF.
    Co-Authored-by: Brad King's avatarBrad King <brad.king@kitware.com>