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    Directory: Work around PGI problem with Linux Large File Support · cc4046a8
    Brad King authored
    The "/usr/include/dirent.h" header on Linux uses a glibc __REDIRECT
    to map readdir to readdir64, but that is defined only when using
    a GNU-like compiler.  Otherwise it defines readdir to readdir64
    via the C preprocessor, but forgets to define dirent to dirent64.
    The fix in commit 2f3c4192 (add support for the Portland Compiler to
    CMake, 2007-09-17) does not seem to work on all machines.  Instead try
    to map dirent to dirent64 whenever the preprocessor defines readdir to
    readdir64 with PGI and glibc.
    Change-Id: I6d4fc4cb48e5481f6ac8ed3928c0eb6c6ef0564d
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