Commit b76b93c7 authored by Roger Leigh's avatar Roger Leigh
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FindBoost: Change context header used

boost/context/all.hpp is removed in Boost 1.68.
boost/context/detail/fcontext.hpp is present in all Boost
releases containing context (≥1.61).
parent c8a7835e
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......@@ -881,7 +881,7 @@ function(_Boost_COMPONENT_HEADERS component _hdrs)
set(_Boost_CHRONO_HEADERS "boost/chrono.hpp")
set(_Boost_CONTAINER_HEADERS "boost/container/container_fwd.hpp")
set(_Boost_CONTRACT_HEADERS "boost/contract.hpp")
set(_Boost_CONTEXT_HEADERS "boost/context/all.hpp")
set(_Boost_CONTEXT_HEADERS "boost/context/detail/fcontext.hpp")
set(_Boost_COROUTINE_HEADERS "boost/coroutine/all.hpp")
set(_Boost_DATE_TIME_HEADERS "boost/date_time/date.hpp")
set(_Boost_EXCEPTION_HEADERS "boost/exception/exception.hpp")
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