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ENH: not necessary to copy assets when running the bin examples from install folder

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......@@ -17,10 +17,4 @@ f.write("#----------------------------------------------------------------------
f.write("# Add Example subdirectories\n")
[f.write("add_subdirectory(%s)\n"%o) for o in os.listdir(str(sys.argv[1])) if os.path.isdir(os.path.join(str(sys.argv[1]),o))]
f.write("# Copy asset files for the VK examples\n")
f.write("if(LINUX AND NOT APPLE AND iMSTK_USE_Vulkan)\n")
f.write("\tmessage(STATUS \"INFO - Relocating shaders\")\n")
f.write("\tfile(COPY ${CMAKE_CACHEFILE_DIR}/Shaders/VulkanShaders\n")
f.write("\tDESTINATION ${PROJECT_BINARY_DIR}/Examples/data/shaders)\n")
f.write("endif() \n")
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