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Release 2.0.0
**Announcement: iMSTK 2.0.0**
This release adds major features for the physics and rendering modules. Parallel
support is also added. Major improvements to the CMake build and install steps have been
implemented. Many modules have been refactored for clarity and to reduce reducdency.
For more information, visit our website:
**New Features**
- Rigid body dynamics with Physx backend
- Debug rendering support
- Octree-based collision detection
- Multithreading support (using Intel TBB)
- Smoothed Particle Dynamics for fluids
- Customizable on-screen text
- New simulation modes for simulation manager to allow flexibility
- VR support for Vulkan backend
- Particle systems for visual effects
- Lens distortion for use in VR (Vulkan backend)
- Vulkan renderer compressed texture support
**Improvements or Refactoring**
- Improved CMake build and install
- Enable compiler flags to report W4-level warnings
- Remove cyclic dependencies between modules
- Add color to stdout on windows
- Refactored Position based dynamics classes
- Refactor rendering specification using visual model
- Modifications to the code formatting rules
- Refactor geometry mapping classes
- Remove unused files and classes
- Disable building tests for external dependencies
- Update the vrpn to the latest to fix linux build
- Update VTK backend to 8.2.0
- Remove ODE external library
**Bug Fixes**
- Fix undefined behaviour of PBDModelConfig
- Use vtkPolyData instead of vtkPolyLine for VTKdbgLinesRenderDelegate
- Fix compilation with BUILD_EXAMPLES Off
**Contributors for this release**
Venkata Sreekanth Arikatla
Nghia Truong
Nicholas Boris Milef
Aaron Bray
Ruiliang Gao
Johan Andruejol
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