Commit 269f4f40 authored by Aaron Bray's avatar Aaron Bray
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Handle os differences

parent 337a07e7
...@@ -3,8 +3,14 @@ include(imstkFind) ...@@ -3,8 +3,14 @@ include(imstkFind)
# Find All Headers and Libraries for g3log # Find All Headers and Libraries for g3log
#----------------------------------------------------------------------------- #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
set(postfix "d")
set(postfix " ") # Linux is ignoring the postfix request :(
imstk_find_header(g3log g3log/g3log.hpp) imstk_find_header(g3log g3log/g3log.hpp)
imstk_find_libary(g3log g3logger) imstk_find_libary(g3log g3logger ${postfix})
imstk_find_package(g3log) imstk_find_package(g3log)
if(WIN32) if(WIN32)
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