Commit b8ac5a0e authored by Daniel Pfeifer's avatar Daniel Pfeifer
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cmServerProtocol: Remove ineffective std::move.

Json::Value has a move constructor but no move assigment operator!
parent 2ade9a02
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......@@ -811,8 +811,8 @@ static Json::Value DumpTarget(cmGeneratorTarget* target,
DumpBacktraceRange(statements, "target_link_libraries",
crossRefs[kRELATED_STATEMENTS_KEY] = std::move(statements);
result[kTARGET_CROSS_REFERENCES_KEY] = std::move(crossRefs);
crossRefs[kRELATED_STATEMENTS_KEY] = statements;
if (target->HaveWellDefinedOutputFiles()) {
Json::Value artifacts = Json::arrayValue;
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