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      Merge topic 'phrase-model' · 21e193a9
      David Thompson authored and Kitware Robot's avatar Kitware Robot committed
       Work on the UI for ComponentItem / deprecation of ModelEntityItem.
      Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <kwrobot@kitware.com>
      Merge-request: !997
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      Work on the UI for ComponentItem / deprecation of ModelEntityItem. · 3ece72e1
      David Thompson authored
      + Move smtk::resource::SelectionManager to smtk::view::Selection.
        It really isn't a manager; it's a selection. Each instance holds a
        map enumerating the "degree" to which each component is selected.
        You can have multiple selections in an application.
      + Make the ParaView SMTK resource panel respond to selections
        and emit its own. Note that selecting a summary phrase does not
        result in entities in its child phrases being selected. This
        is a departure from the previous phrase view; we may add
        this functionality into the new resource panel at some point
        as it satisfies the priniciple of minimum astonishment.
        The problem is that it requires computation of child phrases,
        which destroys the lazy nature of the algorithm.
      + Fix resource handling when deleting sources.
      + Add a VTK-based attribute "reader" (that produces a pretty empty multiblock
        but has the side effect of adding a resource to the resource manager when
        an observer is attached).
      + Port more code over from old, model-only EntityListPhrase to PhraseList:
        generate more descriptive titles for lists with many, potentially disparate children.
        For now, this only deals with model, not mesh or attribute, components.
      + Adds a currently-uncompiled "unit test" for a component item UI.
      + When inheriting QStyledItemDelegate, do not call the inherited
        `paint()` method inside your own as it will draw each item's
        `Qt::DisplayRole` text overlapping your own.
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      Add a "composite auxiliary geometry" operator. · d170e474
      David Thompson authored
      This allows auxiliary polydata to be grouped together and then
      instanced as a single unit. It does not yet allow for hierarchical
      transforms to be applied to the children, but that is expected at
      some point once the vtkGlyph3DMapper supports it.
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