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......@@ -135,7 +135,26 @@ $ cd install/bin
# In this example that would be ~/Pulse/builds/install/bin
# Now you can run something
$ ./PulseScenarioDriver VitalsMonitor.json
### Docker Support
Pulse provides a docker file that, by default, builds a linux based docker container with Python support.
To build this docker container, pull the source code and run the docker build command from the source root.
Kitware provides Pulse containers on [dockerhub](
Here is an example of building a docker container and pushing it to an organization repository in dockerhub:
# From the Pulse source directory
$ docker build -t kitware/pulse:3.0.0 .
$ docker push kitware/pulse:3.0.0
### Single Board Computers Support
Note that on small boards, like the Beagle Board Black and DragonBoard 410c, you may need to allocate a <a href="">temporary swap</a> file if your build runs out of memory
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