Commit ba90c038 authored by Jeff Webb's avatar Jeff Webb Committed by Aaron Bray
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Pneumothorax severity mapping tweak.

parent 26d0630a
......@@ -1468,7 +1468,7 @@ void Respiratory::Pneumothorax()
// Minimum flow resistance for the chest cavity or alveoli leak
double PneumoMinResistanceStandardMale_cmH2O_s_Per_L = 50.0;
double PneumoMinResistanceStandardFemale_cmH2O_s_Per_L = 30.0;
double PneumoMinResistanceStandardFemale_cmH2O_s_Per_L = 20.0;
// Adjust for patient lung size
// Smaller patients with lower drive pressure were not acheiving a fully collapsed lung at maximum severity
double FunctionalResidualCapacity_L = m_data.GetInitialPatient().GetFunctionalResidualCapacity(VolumeUnit::L);
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