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3.0 Release Notes Update

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## Pulse v3.0.0 (July 2020)
- Software Architecture
- Physiology Models
e calculations
- Software Architecture Improvements
- Major refactor of our repository structure
- Enables implementation of specific engines (adult, pediatric, animal) to both share and extend common models with target specific models
- Provides a framework for performing and sharing code between various sensitivity and correlation analysis studies with a Pulse engine
- Improved CMake structure to simplify integration of Pulse into custom applications
- Streamlining of engine creation and management
- Pulse states are self contained and no longer depend on any files on disk
- Pulse states now support binary serialization
- Location of required files for patient creation can be specified by users
- Improvements to cross language support
- Java interface has been refactored to conform with C# and Python usage
- C# supports most actions, conditions and equipment types
- Python is now a fully supported language
- Pulse now supports the ability to override and hold specific system and circuit parameters to a certain values, such as Lung Compliance
- Physiology Model Improvements
- Added generic mechanical ventilator equipment model with PC-CMV and VC-AC mode implementation
- Added pulmonary shunting as a standalone model and in conjunction with other respiratory diseases
- Improved and validated ARDS
- Added more respiratory clinical measurements with validation
- Added hyperoxemia and hypocapnia events
- Improved cardiovascular validation for resting physiology
- Improved the tissue to cardiovascular interface to improve fluid movement between these regions of the body
- Hemorrhagic shock and improved hemorrhage methodology to meet validation through different stages of hemorrhagic shock to death
- A second order baroreceptor model to moderate the effectiveness of the baroreceptors over time
### Congratulations
Congratulations and thank you to everyone who contributed to this release. This release, we would like to specially recognize our 2 new contributors:
- Bob Marinier
- Wenye He
- Bob Marinier of [SoarTech]( for helping improve the Java interface
- Wenye He of [Innovision]( for helping to start our Python API, and extend our C# API
## Planned Improvements
- Python bindings
- Black box circuit/compartment components
- Sepsis
- Hemorrhagic Shock
- Hemorrhage methodology update for better performance and usability
- Cerebrospinal fluid model for improved intracranial pressure
- Work of breathing and respiratory fatigue models
- A second order baroreceptor model
- Modularity improvements for system/model/circuit swapping
- Circuit/Compartment black boxing to support modularity for system/model/circuit swapping
- Pediatric physiology prototype
- Official contribution plan for merge requests for methodology/model changes
- An official contribution guide for merge requests for methodology/model changes
- Pypi support to pip install Pulse into a python environment
- Maven build for easy inclusion into Java projects
- Integration with Hololens 2
## Pulse v2.3.0 (January 2020)
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