Commit 5a5fa932 authored by Jeff Webb's avatar Jeff Webb
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Removed a bleed rate error because the patient can bleed even when the heart is stopped.

parent 7cbc8812
......@@ -1002,15 +1002,6 @@ void Cardiovascular::Hemorrhage()
/// \error Error: Bleeding rate cannot exceed cardiac output
if (rate_mL_Per_s > GetCardiacOutput().GetValue(VolumePerTimeUnit::mL_Per_s))
m_ss << "Cannot have bleeding rate greater than cardiac output. \n\tCurrent cardiac output is: " << GetCardiacOutput()
<< "\n\tAnd specified bleeding rate is: " << h->GetRate();
/// \error Error: Bleeding rate cannot be less than zero
if (rate_mL_Per_s < 0)
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