Commit 3a8acfec authored by Jeff Webb's avatar Jeff Webb
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Fixed a typo/error summing all internal hemorrhages.

parent 22233809
......@@ -1142,10 +1142,11 @@ void Cardiovascular::Hemorrhage()
//total the internal hemorrhage flow rate and apply it to the abdominal cavity path
for (auto hemorrhage : m_InternalHemorrhagePaths)
internal_rate_mL_Per_s = +hemorrhage->GetNextFlowSource().GetValue(VolumePerTimeUnit::mL_Per_s);
internal_rate_mL_Per_s += hemorrhage->GetNextFlowSource().GetValue(VolumePerTimeUnit::mL_Per_s);
m_pGndToAbdominalCavity->GetNextFlowSource().SetValue(internal_rate_mL_Per_s, VolumePerTimeUnit::mL_Per_s);
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