1. 26 Jun, 2018 1 commit
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      Make IsWriteableArrayHandle independent of device · 5f807db2
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Previously, to query whether an ArrayHandle was writable with
      IsWriteableArrayHandle, you had to specify a device adapter. The idea
      was that it would look at the portal used for that device adapter.
      Instead, check the control pointer, which should give the same
      indication without having to have a separate check for every type of
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    • Dave Pugmire's avatar
      Add coordinate system transformation. · 961f6a58
      Dave Pugmire authored
    • Shreeraj Jadhav's avatar
      constexpr construction for Vec classes · 94749655
      Shreeraj Jadhav authored
      Vec class objects can now be constructed during compile-time
      as constant expressions by calling Vec( T, ... ) constructors
      or through brace-initialization.
      Constant expression using fill constructor and nested vectors
      of sizes greater than 4 are not supported yet.
      Changes made to WrappedOperators.h for resolving overload
      ambiguities in Vec construction and typecasting.
      Appropriate test cases were added to UnitTestTypes.cxx.
      Addresses issue #199.
    • David Thompson's avatar
      Add `vtkm/Geometry.h` and test it. · 880d8a98
      David Thompson authored
      This commit adds several geometric constructs to vtk-m
      in the `vtkm/Geometry.h` header. They may be used from
      both the execution and control environments.
      We also add methods to perform projection and Gram-Schmidt
      orthonormalization to `vtkm/VectorAnalysis.h`.
      See `docs/changelog/geometry.md` included in this commit
      for more information.
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      Add ability to "allocate" implicit storage · e62091a6
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Previously, it was not possible to call Allocate or Shrink on an
      implicit storage. The reason for this is that the implicit storage does
      not represent any real memory and any attempt to modify it is wrong.
      However, there are some rare cases where ArrayHandle will attempt to
      "allocate" the storage even when behaving in a read-only manner. The use
      case this is being created for is when an ArrayHandleImplicit first
      calls ReleaseResources and then calls ReleaseResourcesExecution (or
      anything else that tries to get a control-side portal). In this case,
      the ReleaseResources makes the control side portal invalid and the
      ReleaseResourcesExecution attempts to make it valid again by allocating
      the storage to size 0. This change solves the problem by allowing the
      implicit storage to be "allocated" to something smaller than originally
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      taotuple 2018-06-05 (ae493658) · 2d7ae33d
      Kitware Robot authored
      Code extracted from:
      at commit ae4936580baf117373e73c23f0f8407d7589e6ff (for/vtk-m).
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