Commit 5f807db2 authored by Kenneth Moreland's avatar Kenneth Moreland

Make IsWriteableArrayHandle independent of device

Previously, to query whether an ArrayHandle was writable with
IsWriteableArrayHandle, you had to specify a device adapter. The idea
was that it would look at the portal used for that device adapter.
Instead, check the control pointer, which should give the same
indication without having to have a separate check for every type of
parent 94bf457d
......@@ -82,21 +82,18 @@ struct IsInValidArrayHandle
/// Checks to see if the ArrayHandle for the given DeviceAdatper allows
/// Checks to see if the ArrayHandle allows
/// writing, as some ArrayHandles (Implicit) don't support writing.
/// This check is compatible with the C++11 type_traits.
/// It contains a typedef named type that is either
/// std::true_type or std::false_type.
/// Both of these have a typedef named value with the respective boolean value.
template <typename ArrayHandle, typename DeviceAdapterTag>
template <typename ArrayHandle>
struct IsWriteableArrayHandle
template <typename T>
using ExecutionTypes = typename ArrayHandle::template ExecutionTypes<T>;
using ValueType = typename ExecutionTypes<DeviceAdapterTag>::Portal::ValueType;
using ValueType = typename ArrayHandle::PortalControl::ValueType;
//All ArrayHandles that use ImplicitStorage as the final writable location
//will have a value type of void*, which is what we are trying to detect
......@@ -73,8 +73,7 @@ void buildIndexOffsets(const ArrayHandleIndices& numIndices,
ArrayHandleOffsets offsets,
DeviceAdapterTag tag)
using IsWriteable =
vtkm::cont::internal::IsWriteableArrayHandle<ArrayHandleOffsets, DeviceAdapterTag>;
using IsWriteable = vtkm::cont::internal::IsWriteableArrayHandle<ArrayHandleOffsets>;
buildIndexOffsets(numIndices, offsets, tag, typename IsWriteable::type());
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