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Contributing to VTK-m
This page documents at a very high level how to contribute to VTK-m.
Please check our [developer instructions][] for a more detailed guide to
developing and contributing to the project.
1. Register [GitLab Access] to create an account and select a user name.
2. [Fork VTK-m][] into your user's namespace on GitLab.
3. Create a local clone of the main VTK-m repository:
$ git clone vtkm
$ cd vtkm
The main repository will be configured as your `origin` remote.
4. Associate your GitLab fork of VTK-m VTK-m repository:
$ git remote add gitlab
Your fork will be configured as your `gitlab` remote.
5. Edit files and create commits (repeat as needed):
$ edit file1 file2 file3
$ git add file1 file2 file3
$ git commit
6. Push commits in your topic branch to your fork in GitLab:
$ git push gitlab HEAD
7. Visit your fork in GitLab, browse to the "**Merge Requests**" link on the
left, and use the "**New Merge Request**" button in the upper right to
create a Merge Request.
VTK-m uses GitLab for code review and Buildbot to test proposed
patches before they are merged.
Our [Issue Tracker][] is used to document feature requests and technical issues.
Our [Wiki][] is out to propose new infrastructure designs and host other
[developer instructions]:
[GitLab Access]:
[Fork VTK-m]:
[Issue Tracker]:
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