1. 18 Nov, 2018 6 commits
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      FindLAPACK: Remove MKL components already provided by MKL BLAS · ede1715c
      Jakub Benda authored
      A surplus library libmkl_gf_... has been removed from the LAPACK
      libraries serach path (when relevant, it is already provided by BLAS).
      Similarly, the thread libraries do not need to be explicitly added to
      the implicit LAPACK libraries, as they are already included in the
      list (via BLAS libraries provided by FindBLAS).
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      FindLAPACK: Prioritize Intel MKL · 03879b11
      Jakub Benda authored
      As in FindBLAS, the Intel Math Kernel Library is now the preferred
      LAPACK vendor. (The corresponding section of the code has been moved
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      FindBLAS: Support 32bit Intel MKL 10.3+ · b4edf7b5
      Jakub Benda authored
      The module FindBLAS now correctly finds Intel MKL distributions that do
      not have the (long deprecated) library "libguide", but use "libiomp5"
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      FindBLAS: Support combination of gfortran and Intel MKL · fc149a72
      Jakub Benda authored
      The module FindBLAS now correctly chooses MKL BLAS libraries to search,
      based on the compiler ID. The MKL libraries needed for BLAS functionality
      are the following:
        libmkl_{gnu|intel}_thread.{a|so}       (or libmkl_sequential.{a|so})
        lib{gomp|iomp5}.{a|so}                 (only with libmkl_*_thread.*)
      To achieve the goal, the following internal variables are defined and used:
        BLAS_mkl_INTFACE   = "gf" or "intel"   (based on compiler ID)
        BLAS_mkl_THREADING = "gnu" or "intel"  (based on compiler ID)
        BLAS_mkl_OMP       = "gomp" or "iomp5" (based on compiler ID)
        BLAS_mkl_LM        = "-lm"             (not set on Windows)
        BLAS_mkl_DL        = "-ldl"            (not set on Windows)
      The default values for the first three of them are "intel" and "iomp5",
      unless a Fortran compiler is loaded with CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER_ID
      equal to "GNU"; in such case the "gf", "gnu" and "gomp" values are used.
      In non-Windows systems, the thread library as well as libm and libdl are
      now added to the linker line to allow static linking of libgomp.
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      FindBLAS: Consolidate duplicated code related to MKL on Windows · f0d52f55
      Jakub Benda authored
      The code that decides which library suffix to use for MKL libraries
      in Windows was in two places. This commit consolidates it in one place.
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 6f5cdc0c
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