Commit 6b63942e authored by Jim B's avatar Jim B Committed by Brad King
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Watcom: Drop symfile linker option

Cleanup of Windows-wcl386.cmake in commit v3.1.0-rc1~693^2 (Watcom:
Cleanup Windows-wcl386 configuration, 2014-04-01) also introduced use of
the 'symfile' link option but did not mention it in the commit message.

There is no way to set the symbol file name of a target, so it is better
to revert that change.  It is easy to run 'wstrip *' if the symbols need
to be stripped, but it is very difficult to get the right names for the
.sym files to install with debug/rel_with_deb_info configurations.
parent 54ff77dc
......@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@ set(CMAKE_CREATE_CONSOLE_EXE "system nt" )
foreach(type SHARED MODULE EXE)
set(CMAKE_${type}_LINKER_FLAGS_DEBUG_INIT "debug all opt map, symfile")
set(CMAKE_${type}_LINKER_FLAGS_RELWITHDEBINFO_INIT "debug all opt map, symfile")
set(CMAKE_${type}_LINKER_FLAGS_DEBUG_INIT "debug all opt map")
set(CMAKE_${type}_LINKER_FLAGS_RELWITHDEBINFO_INIT "debug all opt map")
set(CMAKE_C_COMPILE_OPTIONS_DLL "-bd") # Note: This variable is a ';' separated list
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