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    Xcode: Fix compiler path detection for iOS tools on Xcode <= 5.0 (#15237) · 7f89552a
    Brad King authored
    Since commit v3.1.0-rc1~1^2~1 (Xcode: Fix compiler id detection for iOS
    tools, 2014-10-22) our compiler id detection project sets the product
    type to 'com.apple.product-type.bundle.unit-test'.  This causes the Ld
    command line on which we match the path to the compiler to have a
    'CompilerIdC.xctest/' component.  The commit updated our regex to match
    this, but placed it before the extra './' component that Xcode 5.0 and
    below produce.  Xcode <= 5.0 prints '/./CompilerIdC.xctest/', so switch
    the order of the two components in the regex to match it.
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