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      Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/spt/spt-4.4-2015-08-03-36efac4' into... · 7b64230e
      Dženan Zukić authored
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/spt/spt-4.4-2015-08-03-36efac4' into setup-spt-4.4-2015-08-03-36efac4
      # Conflicts:
      #	Applications/App/CMakeLists.txt
      #	Applications/App/Main.cxx
      #	Applications/App/Resources/App.qrc
      #	Applications/App/Resources/Icons/Large/DesktopIcon.png
      #	Applications/App/Resources/Icons/Medium/App.icns
      #	Applications/App/Resources/Icons/Medium/DesktopIcon.png
      #	Applications/App/Resources/Icons/Small/DesktopIcon.png
      #	Applications/App/Resources/Icons/XLarge/DesktopIcon.icns
      #	Applications/App/Resources/Icons/XLarge/DesktopIcon.png
      #	Applications/App/Resources/Images/Logo.png
      #	Applications/App/Resources/Images/SplashScreen.png
      #	Applications/App/qAppAboutDialog.cxx
      #	Applications/App/qAppAboutDialog.h
      #	Applications/App/qAppMainWindow.cxx
      #	Applications/App/qAppMainWindow.h
      #	Applications/App/qAppMainWindow_p.h
      #	Applications/CMakeLists.txt
      #	CMake/ApplicationConfig.cmake.in
      #	CMake/ConfigureFileMultipleTimes.cmake
      #	CMake/DashboardTemplate.cmake
      #	CMake/ExportLibrary.cmake
      #	CMake/ExternalProjectDependency.cmake
      #	CMake/External_Application.cmake.in
      #	CMake/ExtractRepositoryInfo.cmake
      #	CMake/FindGit.cmake
      #	CMake/OSXVariables.cmake
      #	CMake/QExport.h.in
      #	CMake/SimpleTest.cmake
      #	CMake/Superbuild/CMakeLists.txt
      #	CMake/Superbuild/External_Slicer.cmake
      #	CMake/UseApplication.cmake.in
      #	CMake/qSlicerAppVersionConfigure.h.in
      #	CMakeLists.txt
      #	CTestConfig.cmake
      #	Libs/CMakeLists.txt
      #	Modules/CLI/CMakeLists.txt
      #	Modules/CMakeLists.txt
      #	Modules/Loadable/CMakeLists.txt
      #	Modules/Scripted/CMakeLists.txt
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      Merge branch 'registrationTweaks' · 43d6e9cb
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      Update Slicer version · eb54427a
      Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin authored
      $ git shortlog 59dde2..b3aa069 --no-merges
      alexy (5):
            BUG: 3983. Reverted to version 23690 that fixes the crash introduced in the JC's commits since that revision.
            BUG: 3857. Added support for Parallel and Perpendicular Diffusivity.
            ENH: added magnified slice view into DataProbe panel.
            BUG: 3857. Fixed scalar display on fibers.
            BUG: 3857. Fixed parallel/perpendicular diffusivity on glyphs, interactive seeding line display.
      fedorov (9):
            BUG: ensure libvtkGUISupportQtOpenGL is packaged on mac
            BUG: added VTK libraries missing from the package
            ENH: update MultiVolumeImporter tag
            ENH: update MultiVolumeExplorer hash
            ENH: add echoscu DCMTK application
            BUG: update MultiVolumeExplorer SHA
            ENH: add support of DCMTK private dictionary
            BUG: Revert "ENH: add support of DCMTK private dictionary"
            BUG: Fix bug in vtkMRMLIGTLTrackingDataBundleNode::GetTransformNode() (See issue 4011)
      jcfr (115):
            BUG: Address SimpleFilters FlipImageFilter
            BUG: Update extension build system to report packaging error on CDash.
            COMP: Fix missing "ctkcheckbox.h" compilation error on case-sensitive system
            STYLE: Fix unused variable warning in vtkMRMLSliceLayerLogic
            BUG: Update EMSegment to fix regression introduced in labelmap node support
            COMP: Fix packaging and upload for superbuild based extension
            COMP: Update Slicer, CTK and BRAINSTools to fix outdated builds on VS2012
            BUG: VTKObservationMixin: Fix removeObservers method and add unittests
            ENH: MRMLNodeComboBox - Support custom behavior for default action
            ENH: Expose qMRMLNodeComboBox::addMenuAction to python
            STYLE: Editor-helperBox: Refactor code introducing "mergeVolumePostfix" ivar
            BUG: Editor: Do not call virtual method "setMRMLDefaults" in constructor
            STYLE: Editor-Effect: Specify event using vtk.vtkCommand instead of string
            STYLE: Editor-helperBox: Remove unused code
            STYLE: Editor-helperBox: Remove unused "brushes" ivar
            STYLE: Editor-helperBox: Simplify code removing "items" ivar
            STYLE: Editor-helperBox: Simplify code reusing "slicer.util.errorDisplay()"
            STYLE: Editor-helperBox: Add "getNodeByName()" to slicer.util and rename it
            STYLE: Editor-helperBox: Move "propagateVolumeSelection" to EditUtil
            STYLE: Editor-helperBox: Rename "colorSelect" into "labelCreate"
            STYLE: Editor-helperBox: Refactor code introducing LabelCreateDialog
            STYLE: Editor-helperBox: Refactor code introducing LabelSelectDialog
            STYLE: Editor-helperBox: Rename ivar "mergeFrame" to "mergeSelectorFrame"
            ENH: Editor-helperBox: Simplify UI using node selector for merge volume
            STYLE: Editor-editUtil: Change EditUtil class method to be static
            STYLE: Update Editor effects and tests to directly use EditUtil
            STYLE: Editor-helperBox: Remove extraneous "applicationLogic" ivar
            STYLE: Editor-helperBox: Refactor code adding "EditUtil.setActiveVolumes()"
            STYLE: Editor-helperBox: Refactor and simplify code using VTKObservationMixin
            STYLE: Editor-helperBox: Refactor code adding LabelStructureListWidget
            BUG: Editor-helpBox: Maintain backward compatibility for structures widget
            STYLE: Editor-EditOptions: Use VTKObservationMixin for scene observation
            STYLE: Editor-EditColor: Use VTKObservationMixin for scene observation
            STYLE: Editor-Effect: Simplify updateMRMLFromGUI using NodeModify context
            BUG: EditorLib: Avoid circular dependency and optimize effect imports
            ENH: Backwards compatible FixedParameters
            BUG: Ensure effect FastGrowCut can use EditorLib.LabelEffectLogic
            BUG: String containing list of dependencies was not split. Fixes #4007
            BUG: Remove duplicate connection to node selector in Volumes module widget
            STYLE: Update volume info widget to track volume node using a weak pointer
            STYLE: Remove unused import statement from util.py
            BUG: Update BRAINSTools to fix loading of bspline transform
            BUG: sitkUtils: Add 'LabelMap' to list of volume types supported by SimpleITK
            ENH: Multiple node types can be created in qMRMLNodeComboBox
            ENH: Improve CLI image widget type handling
            ENH: Expose SH plugin "setDisplayVisibility()" method to python
            STYLE: Remove unused ivar from qSlicerSubjectHierarchyModuleWidget
            ENH: Update transforms module to support copy/paste of linear transforms.
            STYLE: Remove of Slicer_ITKV3_COMPATIBILITY build option
            ENH: Update to ITKv4.8rc2
            COMP: Update ITKv4 to fix MacOSX compilation issue.
            COMP: Fix windows transforms module build error related to sqrt()
            BUG: Update VTKv6 to include fix for vtkhdf5 libraries DLL manifest
            COMP: Fix compilation of Segment subject hierarchy plugin with python disabled
            COMP: Fix pcre package Linux download error relocating file on midas.
            ENH: Added copy-paste linear transform Icons
            ENH: Update ITK to v4.8
            ENH: Add option "Slicer_USE_ITKPython" to turn on ITK Python wrapping.
            COMP: Fix regression in ITKv4 external project properly setting INSTALL step
            STYLE: Simplify copy/paste code in transforms widget using QAction
            BUG: Fix display issue using explicit encoded byte sequence for unit name
            ENH: Organizing settings panel unit using a scroll area.
            ENH: Adding extra units support (frequency, velocity and intensity)
            ENH: Added node printself output to node inspector
            ENH: Extend IOManager to allow python script to invoke  "newFileLoaded" signal
            ENH: Update  DICOMWidgets to invoke "newFileLoaded()" signal.
            BUG: Fix test broken by addition of new units.
            ENH: Added orientation marker to slice view annotations.
            STYLE: Fix unused variable warning in qSlicerSubjectHierarchyVolumesPlugin
            STYLE: Add missing space in CLI help text.
            ENH: Extend core application API adding "isRelease" property.
            ENH: Extend qSlicerUtils API adding function to replace version in wiki urls
            ENH: Update wiki URLs in module panel to reference correct documentation.
            STYLE: Facilitate release process updating wiki URL with Nightly namespace
            STYLE: Remove version number from acknowledgment in Welcome module
            STYLE: Remove version string from loadable module xml description
            ENH: Add warning when GrowCut effect is attempted with unsupported image type
            STYLE: Refactor GrowCut effect logic moving popup outside of the logic
            BUG: Allow qSlicerSimpleMarkupsWidget to be instantiated without Slicer app
            ENH: Creating Qt designer plugin for qSlicerSimpleMarkupsWidget
            BUG: Update SimpleFilters with patches for LabelMapVolume node changes.
            BUG: Fix uninitialized value in vtkSlicerVolumesLogic.
            STYLE: Improve output of vtkMRMLColorLogicTest1 displaying line number
            BUG: Fix uninitialized value in vtkMRMLColorTableNode.
            BUG: Fix memory leak in vtkMRMLSubjectHierarchyNode
            BUG: Update CTK (include fix for memory leak in ctkDoubleSpinBox)
            BUG: Update VTK to include fix for memory leak in vtkSys SystemTools.
            BUG: Fix memory leak in vtkSlicerApplicationLogic
            BUG: Fix memory leak in vtkMRMLLayoutNode
            BUG: Fix memory leak in qMRMLThreeDView removing unused code
            BUG: Fix memory leak in qMRMLCheckableNodeComboBox
            BUG: Fix memory leaks in qSlicerAppMainWindow
            BUG: Fix memory leaks in SubjectHierarchy Register and Segment plugins
            BUG: Fix memory leak in vtkMRMLScene
            BUG: Fix memory leak in vtkMRMLDisplayNode
            BUG: Fix uninitialized value issue in vtkNRRDReader
            BUG: Fix uninitialized value issue in qMRMLTransformSliders
            BUG: Fix memory leak in vtkMRMLSubjectHierarchyNode
            BUG: Fix memory leak in vtkMRMLScene
            STYLE: Improve output of vtkMRMLColorTableNodeTest1 displaying line number
            BUG: Fix vtkMRMLColorTableNodeTest1
            BUG: Fix indentation issue in TemplateManager.py
            STYLE: Fix style in TemplateManager.py
            COMP: Fix narrowing warnings in qSlicerSimpleMarkupsWidget
            ENH: Update VTK to master (soon to be v6.3.0) and also update CTK
            STYLE: Remove Slicer macros used to build Qt plugins.
            BUG: Ensure Qt style plugin are fixed up.
            STYLE: Do not attempt to fixup windows matlab extension
            BUG: Ensure packaged Slicer.app MacOSX application find its Qt plugins
            STYLE: Remove obsolete fixup rule associated with iwidget tcl/tk library
            BUG: Ensure itcl library is fixed when packaging on MacOSX
            BUG: Ensure only one version of itcl library is built and packaged
            BUG: Ensure itcl library is fixed when packaging on MacOSX - Attempt #2
            BUG: Fix VTK library path configured into build tree launcher setting on unix
            ENH: Add support for DCMTK private dictionary
      lassoan (19):
            ENH: Made disclaimer popup configurable
            BUG: Fixed application information logging
            BUG: Fixed MRHead sample data download in CropVolumeSelfTest
            BUG: Fixed qMRMLVolumeWidget crash on scene close
            BUG: Fixed failure of disabling slice view annotations from another module
            ENH: Use vtkMRMLLabelMapVolumeNode class for labelmap volumes
            BUG: Fixed  EMSegCL_Task_MRIHumanBrainFullParcellation_BRAINS_small test
            BUG: Attempt to fix py_nomainwindow_MRMLCreateNodeByClassWithSetReferenceCountToOne test
            BUG: Fixed FOV reset during volume selection propagation
            BUG: Fixed crash on scene close due to missing null-pointer check
            BUG: Fixed DataProbe startup error
            ENH: Added warning if obsolete LabelMap flag used in node selector
            STYLE: Removed remnants of non-existent qMRMLNodeSelector class
            BUG: Fixed node selector node type specification syntax
            ENH: Allow qMRMLNodeComboBox base name setting for each node type
            BUG: Fixed extension creation in version-controlled repository
            STYLE: Renamed qSlicerSimpleMarkupsWidget getCurrentNode() to currentNode()
            ENH: Fixed node observations in qSlicerSimpleMarkupsWidget
            STYLE: Replaced cout with vtkDebugMacro
      naucoin (42):
            BUG: use ruler end point scale and opacity
            BUG: fix translucency rendering of ruler
            BUG: revert to not showing tick labels on ruler by default
            BUG: expand null pointer checking
            BUG: expand null pointer checking
            ENH: add utility method to display node in only 1 view
            ENH: remove unused Resolution setting on ruler node
            ENH: signal end fiducial interaction in 3D
            BUG: adding a test to show MRB and scene view bug
            BUG: remove unreferenced storage node after loading sample data
            BUG: check for compressed file names
            BUG: update file list members when saving MRBs
            BUG: fix scene view storage leak on MRB save
            BUG: update test with more correct visibility toggles
            BUG: avoid overwriting markup information on scene view restore
            BUG: add missing storage nodes on scene view save
            BUG: use smart pointers for leaking storage node
            BUG: use smart pointers for new storage nodes
            BUG: implement a Slicer specific Qt file suffix
            BUG: function name clarification, add getting readable extensions
            BUG: warn the user when they add storable data after scene views
            BUG: use a mini scene for volume loading
            BUG: add support for remote IO
            ENH: factor out adding data io to the scene
            ENH: test adding storable data after a scene view is created
            COMP: fix test name for label
            BUG: double check for dot preceding file suffixes
            BUG: reduce message noise
            ENH: stress test saving and restoring MRBs, util methods added
            BUG: fix moving volume nodes from test to main scene
            BUG: redo observations for volume loading with mini scene
            BUG: remove node SceneRootDir, use RootDirectory on MRML scene
            BUG: Add a test that checks file paths after MRML and MRB save/load
            BUG: update file list members, scene vars, update test
            BUG: after MRB save, reset storables to modified
            BUG: only time out extra storable message during testing
            STYLE: add blank lines to warning message
            BUG: remove storable added after scene view message
            BUG: add Scene null pointer check to copy
            BUG: update test to fix regression
            BUG: fix regression introduced by adding storage nodes to scene views
            ENH: support fiducial file transfer between Slicer and CLIs
      pieper (10):
            BUG: #3954 fixes slicer bundle scene import/export
            BUG: Avoid error on shutdown
            ENH: #3996 accept broader range of DICOM transfers
            BUG: #3993 fix update of render window when transform changes
            ENH: only update Bg and Lb layers when switching editor volumes
            BUG: #3994 fix issue switching between master volumes
            ENH: Editor - Ensure a related merge volume is selected after a structure delete
            ENH: update CompareVolumes to support label map nodes
            ENH: update volume rendering descriptions, remove out of date info
            ENH: reset editor interface when scene is closing
      pinter (14):
            BUG: Handle layout manager deletion in slice view annotations
            STYLE: Added doxygen comments to simple markups widget header
            BUG: Instantiate DICOM exportables with a parent to avoid deconstruction
            BUG: Better solution for previous quick fix for DICOM exportables
            BUG: Fixed crash when SH node dropped onto scene
            COMP: Reverting faulty fix
            STYLE: Indentation fixes
            ENH: Added labelmap node support to subject hierarchy
            BUG: Fixed save data dialog cras in case of certain node names
            ENH: Read and apply window/level found in DICOM volumes
            COMP: Fixed subject hierarchy build issue with CLI disabled
            ENH: Added removeAttribute function to MRML node comboboxes and proxy model
            STYLE: Removed unnecessary developer mode setting from self tests
            ENH: DICOM reference name made checkable
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  19. 15 May, 2015 1 commit
    • Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin's avatar
      Update Slicer · 9bb26b0c
      Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin authored
      Major changes:
      * Update to ITK v4.7.2
      * Update to SimpleITK 0.0.9
      * Update to recent BRAINSTools
      * Update CTK to include PythonQt C++/Python ownership tracking feature
      * Fixes for DWIToDTIEstimation module. See #3977
      * Added reusable simple markups widget
      * Fixes layout manager issues
      $ git shortlog 4d1f5ba..59dde26 --no-merges
      jcfr (28):
            BUG: Fix crash in qMRMLMatrixWidget::setMRMLTransformNode
            STYLE: Remove redundant and unused vtkMRMLSliceLogicTest.cxx file
            STYLE: Add TEST_GET_OBJECT_* macros to vtkMRMLCoreTestingMacros.h file
            BUG: Fix RSNA2012ProstateDemoTest
            BUG: Fix RSNA2012ProstateDemo (attempt #2)
            ENH: Associated docstring with "slicer.(modules,moduleName)" python modules
            ENH: Simplify DICOM subject hierarchy plugin registration
            ENH: Update CTK to include new PythonQt C++/Python ownership tracking feature
            ENH: Fix ownership management for subject hierarchy plugin registration
            ENH: Ensure slicer.(modules|moduleNames) is updated when a module is unloaded
            ENH: Introduce qSlicerScriptedUtils::setModuleAttribute()
            ENH: Refactor addVTKObjectToPythonMain to use setModuleAttribute()
            ENH: Refactor scripted module classes to use setModuleAttribute()
            STYLE: Facilitate debugging associating ObjectName with qSlicerPythonCppAPI
            BUG: Fix leaks in qSlicerScriptedLoadableModule[Widget]::setPythonSource()
            BUG: Fix potential leaks in qSlicerPythonCppAPI using PythonQtObjectPtr
            STYLE: Simplify SliceViewAnnotations using VTKObservationMixin
            BUG: Fix SliceViewAnnotations AttributeError happening on closing Slicer
            BUG: Ensure scripted module are deleted when exiting Slicer
            BUG: Resolve multithread issue that caused errors with multiple b values.
            BUG: Do not reset slice node "layout color" and "layout label". Fixes #1770
            BUG: Update SimpleFilters to fix failing py_SimpleFiltersModuleTest
            ENH: Update ITK to v4.7.2
            ENH: Update SimpleITK to v0.9.0
            ENH: Add self test DTINotReproducibleIssue3977. See issue #3977
            ENH: Update BRAINSTools to include DWIConvert bug fixes
            COMP: Update BRAINSTools - fix configure warning with Slicer SVN source tree
            COMP: Update BRAINSTools to fix windows build error
      lassoan (3):
            BUG: Fixed crash when currently shown linear transform is set
            BUG: Fixed transform setting failure
            ENH: Made default startup and favorite module configurable
      naucoin (1):
            BUG: update fiducial layout test to check RAS
      pieper (8):
            ENH: Adding ability to delete only the selected structure.
            BUG: fix tooltips on editor effect buttons
            BUG: fix variable name typo
            BUG: switching merge volumes was broken
            BUG: use file name match, not regular expression #3994
            BUG: #2267 image label outline incorrect
            BUG: #2267 - remove mask code from vtkImageLabelOutline
            BUG: #2267 fix symmetry of label outline thickness
      pinter (4):
            BUG: Fixed DICOM export crash
            BUG: Fix python errors when examining empty file lists
            ENH: Added reusable simple markups widget
            ENH: Enable slice view annotations to work on external layouts
  20. 06 May, 2015 1 commit
    • Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin's avatar
      Update Slicer to include layout manager fixes · 6dbbcdd7
      Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin authored
      $ git shortlog 0d758d2..4d1f5ba --no-merges
      jcfr (6):
            STYLE: Improve vtkMRMLScene apidox
            STYLE: Improve vtkMRMLNode apidox
            BUG: Fix vtkMRMLCameraDisplayableManagerTest1
            BUG: Fix "orphan view" issue in layout manager
            BUG: Fix qMRMLLayoutManagerTest2 - Setting new scene reset view node factories
            STYLE: Explicitly identify layout node arrangements
      naucoin (1):
            STYLE: update Volumes documentation to include outline thickness
      pieper (1):
            ENH: Add function to explicitly set label outline state on all nodes
  21. 04 May, 2015 6 commits
  22. 01 May, 2015 4 commits
    • Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin's avatar
      Update Slicer version · 16c62cc8
      Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin authored
      Among other things, it consolidates how application vendor and domain
      are passed around. The corresponding value can simply be set in the top
      level CMakeLists.txt
      Within Slicer, only the variables Slicer_ORGANIZATION_DOMAIN
      and Slicer_ORGANIZATION_NAME are expected. There are no need to
      $ git shortlog 36eaeaf..0d758d2
      alexy (2):
            BUG: 3857. Fixed displaying of Tensor properties and their ranges in Tractography display module for lines/tubes/glyphs
            ENH: reverted the order of adding scalars and normals so the scalars added first. Some modules take the first component.
      fedorov (6):
            BUG: Replaced re with fnmatch
            ENH: Updated revision number for MultiVolumeImporter
            ENH: update MultiVolumeImporter
            BUG: fix unresolved os module
            ENH: update MultiVolumeImporter
            ENH: add more DCMTK applications
      jcfr (136):
            BUG: Remove obsolete NeurosurgicalPlanningTutorial QtTesting based test
            STYLE: Add inclusion to guard to vtkAddon.h
            BUG: Update CTK to include fix for VTK log message parsing regexp
            BUG: Update EMSegment to fix "EMSeg_MRML_DiffReadWriteNodes" test
            BUG: Fix py_nomainwindow_qSlicerDICOMModuleGenericTest
            BUG: Set scene to MRB directory instead of temp
            ENH: Add scene static method to set storable nodes modified since read
            ENH: Update VTK to v6.2.0
            STYLE: Fix typo in comment
            ENH: Display module loading stats only if verbose module discovery is set.
            ENH: Add convenience function to append text to current log file.
            ENH: Append module loading stats to log file.
            STYLE: Fix help message layout removing logging of application name
            BUG: Do not expect log file to exist to try to append text for the first time
            STYLE: Remove commented / unused code from Main.cxx
            BUG: Fix slicer_nomainwindow_DisableModulesCommandLineOptionsTest
            BUG: Fix regression introduced when adding VTKv5 ViewAnnotation support
            BUG: Support loading of SliceViewAnnotation if loadable module are disabled
            STYLE: Display module loading stats only once
            STYLE: Fix typo in qSlicerCoreCommandOptions.cxx
            BUG: Fix MRML warning "Setting the same object should be a no-op."
            ENH: Update SetAndObserveObjectEvents to match SetAndObserveObject
            ENH: Update SetAndObserveObject to display a warning if setting same object
            BUG: Fix py_RSNA2012ProstateDemo test
            STYLE: Remove unused code
            BUG: Support restoring of a sceneview not having a camera
            COMP: Ensure vtkMRMLScene can be compiled with MRMLSCENE_VERBOSE set to 1
            BUG: Keep NodeIDs cache up-to-date when importing Singleton node
            STYLE: Tweak SlicerBlockFindQtAndCheckVersion to display main project name
            ENH: Check if organization and domain name are not already defined
            ENH: Check if Slicer major/minor/patch version are not already defined
            ENH: Check if SlicerApp application name is not already defined
            COMP: SlicerCPack: Find additional dependencies quietly
            ENH: Pass organization domain and name to Slicer inner build
            STYLE: Fix typo in configuration message displaying organization domain/name
            STYLE: Remove unused Slicer png files from top-level Resources folder
            STYLE: Rename SlicerApp icon files to match application name "Slicer"
            STYLE: Move and rename "Slicer3.png" to "Slicer-ModulePanelLogo.png"
            STYLE: Remove duplicated "Slicer.icns" file
            ENH: Improve error message associated with 'slicer_cpack_set' macro
            STYLE: Set "desc. summary" property in slicerMacroBuildAppLibrary macro
            STYLE: Set "desc. file" property in slicerMacroBuildAppLibrary macro
            STYLE: Remove commented code from qSlicerAppMainWindow
            BUG: Fix DataProbe loading error when NumPy is not available
            STYLE: Remove commented code from DICOMWidget
            STYLE: Remove redundant code from DICOM module
            STYLE: Update DICOM to use 'logging' python module
            STYLE: Rename DICOM ivar from 'showBrowser' to 'showBrowserButton'
            STYLE: Remove obsolete code from DICOM module
            STYLE: Move dicom series selection code into DICOMDetailsPopup
            STYLE: Removed unused DICOMTest / DICOMDemo classes from DICOM module
            STYLE: Remove unused function question() and okayCancel() from DICOM module
            STYLE: Update DICOM module to use slicer.util.warningDisplay
            STYLE: Remove code associated with broken "Send" action
            STYLE: Remove code associated with broken "Send" action
            STYLE: Remove commented code from "DICOMDetailsPopup"
            STYLE: Remove dead code related to DICOMDetailsPopup close button
            ENH: Refactor DICOM module to allow DICOMDetailsPopup standalone instantiation
            BUG: Fix py_SubjectHierarchyGenericSelfTest
            ENH: Add option to control the PropagateVolumeSelection behavior
            ENH: Update SimpleITK to v0.9b01 with few patches
            BUG: Fixed editor behaviour in restoring correct label.
            BUG: Update CTK to include DICOMTableView fixes
            COMP: Update VTKv6 to include fix for vs2013 compilation
            ENH: Extend slicer.util API introducing 'settingsValue' and 'toBool'
            ENH: Support for hiding most of DICOM Browser controls through settings
            ENH: Add support for default settings
            ENH: Lookup launcher and default settings files based on application name
            BUG: Update CTK to include logger fixes
            ENH: Added support in vtkMRMLNode for multiple references to the same node
            COMP: Fix "unused-but-set-variable" warning in vtkMRMLNode
            COMP: slicerFunctionAddPythonQtResources - Fix unknown argument warning
            BUG: Fix missing DLL for extensions that use OpenMP (requires CMake 3.1)
            BUG: Update SliceViewAnnotation to avoid error when restoring scene view
            ENH: Generalize Editor "propagationMode" to support arbitrary set of layers
            STYLE: Refactor qMRMLLayoutManager introducing "setLayoutManager()"
            ENH: Added option for setting the layoutManager in the main application
            STYLE: itkMGHImageIO - Remove usage of reserved "__" prefix in header guard
            BUG: Fix py_mainwindow_RestoreSceneViewWithoutCamera test failing on windows
            ENH: Update CTK to fix warning and include ctkButtonGroup tweaks
            STYLE: Update CTK to fix warning related to wrapping of CTKDICOM module
            STYLE: Fix doxygen warning in vtkMRMLSubjectHierarchyNode
            STYLE: Fix compilation warnings
            STYLE: Fix compilation warnings
            ENH: Adding label type column in Label Statistics
            BUG: Update LandmarkRegistration to fix failing generic test
            STYLE: Refactor code introducing qSlicerScriptedUtils::executeFile
            STYLE: Simplify scripted module introducing SlicerPythonCppAPI
            STYLE: VectorToScalarVolume - Make sure all required object are imported
            BUG: Ensure "qSlicerScriptedUtils::executeFile()" set "__file__" property.
            BUG: Fix qSlicerScriptedLoadableModuleWidgetTest broken by previous commit
            STYLE: List attribute to export in ScriptedLoadableModule
            ENH: Extend module API with "widgetRepresentationCreationEnabled" property
            ENH: Simplify DICOM plugin removing unneeded widget class.
            ENH: Add test illustrating issue #3549 related to scripted module import
            ENH: Fixes #3549. Import scripted module as python module
            BUG: Update CTK to fix python interactor keyboard shortcuts
            BUG: Update CTK to fix qMRMLSliceControllerWidgetEventTranslatorPlayerTest1
            BUG: Update CTK to fix python interactor regression
            ENH: Extend ModulePanel API to control if Help&Ack section is visible
            STYLE: Remove unused forward declarations from qSlicerAppMainWindow
            STYLE: Fix position of DataProbe display using monospace font and fixed width
            ENH: Update LandmarkRegistration to show warning if plugin failed to be loaded
            STYLE: Fix typo in qSlicerVolumeRenderingModuleWidget
            STYLE: Fix typos in qSlicerLoadableModule doxygen comments
            COMP: Fix build of tcl on Windows 32-bit (See #3984)
            STYLE: Fix indentation in vtkSlicerApplicationLogic
            STYLE: Fix comment in vtkMRMLLabelMapVolumeDisplayNode
            STYLE: Simplify code in vtkMRMLVolumeArchetypeStorageNode
            STYLE: Simplify memory management in vtkSlicerApplicationLogic
            BUG: Prevent crash in vtkSlicerApplicationLogic checking pointer validity
            BUG: Fix generation of additional launcher settings
            STYLE: Fix indent in qSlicerApplication
            STYLE: Nicely pad information logged at startup.
            STYLE: Mark qSlicerCommandOptions readonly Qt properties as CONSTANT
            STYLE: Fix doxygen comment associated with displayTemporaryPathAndExit()
            STYLE: Simplify code introducing displayMessageAndExit()
            ENH: Display application information only if starting the application.
            ENH: Update teem
            COMP: Update teem to fix windows build error
            STYLE: Fix doxygen in qMRMLChartView
            ENH: Update SimpleITK
            ENH: Update CTK
            BUG: Consider output image orientation when using "noMeasurementFrame" option
            STYLE: Remove obsolete comment in ResampleDTIVolume
            ENH: Extension Wizard: Substitute CMake variable reference if possible.
            BUG: Ensure qMRMLLayoutManager::viewWidget can return custom widget
            ENH: Make color selector search box case-insensitive
            STYLE: Add test for vtkMRMLScene::GetFirstNode
            ENH: Extend vtkMRMLScene::GetFirstNode API adding exactNameMatch parameter
            BUG: Pattern matching for label volume does not account for underscore
            ENH: Update CTK
            BUG: Fixed SlicerApp-real.exe.exe filename on Windows
            BUG: Editor: Ensure label map is updated each time a master volume is selected
            BUG: Change default value for vtkMRMLAbstractViewNode Visibility property
            ENH: Update layout view factory to consider view node visibility property
      lassoan (22):
            ENH: Added vtkInfoMacro
            COMP: Added missing file to source control
            ENH: Write all info to the log file as formatted log messages
            ENH: Improve performance of node delete
            ENH: Added VTK output window class for capturing VTK errors/warnings during testing
            BUG: Fixed silently failing qSlicerWidgetTest2
            BUG: Log warnings instead of throw exception from vtkITKArchetypeImageSeriesReader
            BUG: Fixed more silsntly failing tests
            BUG: Added back ITK image IO factory registration to qMRMLSliceWidgetTest2
            ENH: Enabled output VTK error and warning testing for all qMRMLWidgetCxxTests
            BUG: Updated OpenIGTLinkIF
            BUG: Fixed 0003876: All python modules fail after uninstalling an extension
            ENH: Allow slicelets and Slicer tests to handle log messages
            STYLE: Added comment explaining FD message handler usage
            ENH: Do not build doc in VisualStudio when F7 is pressed
            ENH: Added logging of Python console user input
            ENH: Make ExtensionWizard available without SSL support
            BUG: Fixed orphaned views displayed in secondary layout widgets
            ENH: Improve reslicing speed of quasi-axis-aligned slices
            ENH: Removed unnecessary UpdateExtent hack from vtkMRMLSliceLayerLogic
            BUG: Fixed sample data loading in PerformanceTests, errors in VR tests
            ENH: Improved vtkMRMLTransformNode::ApplyTransform
      naucoin (1):
            BUG: add outline thickness for label map outlines
      pieper (3):
            COMP: update LandmarkRegistration to include landmark refinement
            ENH: include updated LandmarkRegistration
            ENH: fix Diffusion dicom plugin; add utility function
      pohl (1):
            BUG: took out class 10 as the structure shown inside the probability atlas was very thin and so caused issue for whene executing tests involved _Human-Eye.mrml - all EMSegment  tests pass now on ubuntu
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