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    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      Revert "Move visit reader stubs from CMake to AvtAlgorithms directory." · 12905b95
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      This reverts commit 4664bf40.
      The said commit moved *.in files to AvtAlgorithms, but that raise a
      couple of issues:
      1. Install rules were broken. The install rules would have needed to be
      2. The VisItCommon.cmake file which is intended  to be imported in
      plugins external to this source repository now referred to t he
      CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR to locate AvtAlgorithms dir. That too was
      incorrect and would have needed to be fixed and tested.
      Instead opting to revert the change since there was no strong reason to
      move the *.in files in the first place.
  10. 04 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Berk Geveci's avatar
      Refactored how pieces and extents are handled. · f0f2a17e
      Berk Geveci authored
       Refactoring the way VTK goes between piece and structured
       extents. Before, extent translators were used when the pipeline
       moved from structured to unstructured data converting piece
       request to extent request. This caused many problems with filters
       that altered extents, mainly a lot of redundant IO due to
       repartitioning of different extents. This became extremely
       cumbersome to manage when running distributed. The new behavior
       pushes the extent translation all to way to the readers and
       only when readers are able to read a subset. This works much
       better. The only downside is that filters need to be able to
       handle data extents different than update extents. Most filters
       can do this but many imaging filters cannot. Those that are
       needed in parallel will have to be updated.
       As part of this work, I also removed MAXIMUM_NUMBER_OF_PIECES
       reduced to being a boolean. 1 for serial sources, -1 for parallel
       sources. I removed it and added a CAN_HANDLE_PIECE_REQUEST instead.
       This key, produced by a source, tells the executive that a source is
       able to handle piece request. It is a source only key produced in
       RequestInformation and is not propagated downstream. If this key is
       not present, the executive will only execute the source for piece 0
       to produce the entire data. It is then up to the user to add a filter
       that splits the data for other piece requests. The only exception to
       this is when CAN_PRODUCE_SUB_EXTENT is present, in which case the
       executive will split using an extent translator AT THE source - not
  11. 14 Mar, 2014 1 commit
    • Dan Lipsa's avatar
      Update proxy xmls. · b943e6ee
      Dan Lipsa authored
      Updates are for rename vtkSIFileSeriesReaderProxy to vtkSIMetaReaderProxy.
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    • Robert Maynard's avatar
      Fix timstep issue with Nek5000 file series. · ad9ff5db
      Robert Maynard authored
      When opening a Nek5000 fileseries, only the 1st timestep had correct time
      values, all the others were 0. This patch fixes that issue based on the code in
      VisItBridge 2.6.3. Basically, we needed to iterate over the files during
      initialization to determine the vailable timesteps.
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    • Dave DeMarle's avatar
      Replace a configured file to make it compile again. · f77a7a7f
      Dave DeMarle authored
      vtk modular takes care of export macros now, so get rid of file and make
      sure the exception handler macro is kept.
    • Dave DeMarle's avatar
      Port build system to modular VTK era. · 463b4fba
      Dave DeMarle authored
      Add new top level modular VTK cmakelist and module.cmake files and
      restructure database to build in AVTAlgorithm classes into same library as
      databases that subclass them.
      Remove explicit wrapping and installation cmake commands since modular
      VTK takes care of it.
      Use VTK add library macros that old PV one was promoted too.
      Change to use new export macro defined by the module.
      Whitespace and ANNOYING_OLD_CMAKE_UPPERCASE_STYLE cleanup.
    • Dave DeMarle's avatar
      Move files into new directory structure for modularization. · 1cfa56a3
      Dave DeMarle authored
      New structure is a into two modules. One is not wrapped and consists of
      fundamental VisIt as a library functionality. The other is wrapped and consists of
      the VTK level classes that are exposed in ParaView.