Commit 38df869a authored by Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar Utkarsh Ayachit
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remove VisItEnzoReader.

Parts of this were already disabled. This removes the proxy definition
as well.
parent f566dd90
......@@ -747,19 +747,6 @@
<SourceProxy name="VisItEnzoReader" class="vtkVisItEnzoReader"
base_proxygroup="internal_readers" base_proxyname="VisItReaderBase">
long_help="Reads enzo cosmological simulation AMR files">
Note this reader is automatically generated from wrapping a third party reader. For more information on the reader see
The default file extensions are .boundary, and .hierarchy
<ReaderFactory extensions="hierarchy boundary"
file_description="Enzo Files (VisIt)" />
<SourceProxy name="VisItGGCMReader" class="vtkVisItGGCMReader"
base_proxygroup="internal_readers" base_proxyname="VisItReaderBase">
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