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    Using new PointCellData conversion feature · d1a0788e
    Mathieu Westphal authored
     * Exposing new PointCellData conversion option
     In VTK, the PointData to CellData and CellData to PointData filters
     just got new properties to be able to only process certain arrays
     instead of systematically processing all arrays. We expose
     the properties in the xml of these filter so they can be used
     in ParaView. This also addd a test for PointCellData conversion.
     * Using these properties with AutoConvert properties
     AutoConvert properties settings allows user to use
     some filter with Point/Cell data filters even when
     they do not accept it. The conversion is done
     in vtkPVPostFilter but it uses to convert all
     arrays instead of only the needed one.
     This uses the new PointData to CellData and CellData to
     PointData filter properties to be able to convert
     only the needed arrays.
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