Authored by Utkarsh Ayachit

Composite Data Writers as VTKPythonAlgorithm Subclasses

The functionality using decorated VTKPythonAlgorithmBase classes as ParaView plugins has a composite support option for the smdomain input property that is incredibly simple to use with filter algorithms yet can be tricky to use for writer algorithms.

This snippet provides a simple base class for a user to inherit functionality which is a modification of PVGeo’s BaseWriter algorithm found here. In this example I demonstrate the use of this case class through creating a writer algorithm that will save out XYZ+attribute data of the cell centers and cell data for any given input datasets.

Note that we must use the composite_data_supported=True flag for the @smproxy.writer(...) declaration as well as append allowable input types within the algorithms FillInputPortInformation method.

This solution handles altering the given filename to save out each object in the composite dataset separately by saving each block out in PerformWriteOut method that is repeatedly called by RequestData explicitly.


Contributed by @banesullivan, see original here.

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