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      Merge topic 'move-main-window-events-to-behaviors' · 2fac85bc
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      b49674db Move main window's event handling to behaviors
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      Merge-request: !2883
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      Move main window's event handling to behaviors · b49674db
      T.J. Corona authored
      ParaView and ParaView-derived applications have their own main window class
      that inherits from QMainWindow. The standard Qt approach to intercepting
      signals to the main window (e.g. "close application") is to reimplement
      QMainWindow's event methods (e.g. closeEvent(QCloseEvent*)). This
      polymorphic solution is not available to ParaView-derived applications
      comprised of plugins, however. To facilitate a plugin's ability to influence
      the behavior of ParaView's main window, this commit introduces
      pqMainWindowEventManager, a manager that emits signals when the main window
      receivesevents. These signals are connected to pqMainWindowEventBehavior, a
      behavior class for performing tasks originally executed in
      ParaViewMainWindow (with the exception of the splash screen).
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