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      New QVTKOpenGLWidget Implementation with Cristal Eyes Stereo Support · fb6974b4
      Lucas Gandel authored
      A new implementation of the QVTKOpenGLWidget have been added
      to VTK and this commit make uses of it in ParaView.
      The main feature of this new widget is the support
      of quad buffer based stereo mode "Cristal Eyes"
      wich was unsupported since the switch to Qt5.
      This new widget ensure the rendering can only
      happen with a valid widget (aka ready for rendering)
      This new widget support HiDpi rendering
      This new widget improve also a few issues of
      flickering with the old widget.
      The new QVTKOpenGLWidget class does not support Qt::WA_NativeWindow flag
      but the QScrollArea used in pqTransferFunctionWidget force it to be native.
      The old widget have been kept and renammed
      QVTKOpenGLSimpleWidget and should be used
      for simple rendering or when the widget
      is automatically native.
      The old widget is used in pqTransferFunctionWidget
      Depends on vtk/vtk!4317
      Fix #16855
      Fix #17740
      Due to QTBUG-61836 (see QVTKOpenGLWidget::testingEvent()), events should
      be propagated back to the internal QVTKOpenGLWindow when being fired
      explicitely on the widget instance. We have to use a custom event
      callback in this case to ensure that events are passed to the window.
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