1. 30 Jan, 2018 1 commit
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      Misc. typos · 5bff56a1
      luz paz authored
      Some are user-facing and some aren't user-facing. Found via `codespell -q 3 -D ~/Documents/diff-experiment/dictionary.txt --skip="./ThirdParty,./Qt" -I ../paraview-whitelist.txt`
      whitelist contents were
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      ParaViewMacros: remove extra .xml suffix · 8f6ee705
      Ben Boeckel authored
      All callers already have a `.xml` suffix.
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      Documentation: always generate qch files at build time · 8f03571e
      Ben Boeckel authored
      Doing the globbing at configure time as introduced in v5.2.0-RC1~45^2~1
      (build_help_project: glob up the files) caused files to not actually be
      added to the build from the first configure. Instead, always generate
      the .qhp file at build time after the documentation has been generated
      so that the globs always work.
      As a bonus, there is less code duplication now too.
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      Using '+' separator causes problems building documentation (fixes #16880) · 66bb84e1
      mark olesen authored
        The previous solution of replacing the ";" with a "+" as a list
        separator (to avoid shell issues with ';') causes issues if a "+"
        appears in a directory name. This results in the files not being found
        and the documentation build fails. Eg,
            Error FODC0002 in file:///ParaView-5.1.2/...
      Use escape/unescape sequence for semicolons.
         Caller:   replace  '_'  -> '_u' and  ';'  -> '_s'
         Receiver: replace  '_s' -> ';'  and  '_u' -> '_'
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      cmake: put static executable links into a -j1 pool · 42494056
      Ben Boeckel authored
      Buildbots which do static builds (BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF) are running out
      of memory (or hitting swap) while linking all of the static libraries
      into the resulting executables in ParaView because they link
      "everything" and all occur at the same time as a result of having the
      same dependency trees.
      Instead, place these links into a pool which only allows a single build
      rule to happen at a time. Only applicable for Ninja at the moment.
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      Pass QT_BINARY_DIR as HINTS to find_program(...) · 9f1f9df6
      Chris Harris authored
      When trying to locate xmlpatterns and qhelpgenerator QT_BINARY_DIR
      should be passed as HINTS rather than PATHS. Otherwise, we can end
      up with qmake being specified but system versions of xmlpatterns
      and qhelpgenerator being used (as the standard system environment
      variable PATH is searched before looking at PATHS), if these versions
      don't match it can cause problems.
      Change-Id: Id71bb4b95f117a347d9f004e37e1103aba71231a
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      Adding option to load plugin at command line. · 5aeb9eb5
      Nikhil Shetty authored
      Two options are added to the command line namely --test-plugin and
      --test-plugin-path. These will be used exclusively for loading and
      testing individual plugins in paraview.
      --test-plugin option takes the name of the plugin and loads it. The
        default plugin load paths are used with this option.
      --test-plugin-path append the provided path to the actual search path.
      Also adding two new cmake functions i.e add_client_plugin_tests and
      add_client_server_plugin_tests which takes in Plugin name as an
      additional option and passes it along with the --test-plugin command
      We are changing multiple plugin tests to use this options instead of
      loading it in the test script. We also get rid of all xml code to load
      the plugins from the test scripts.
      Plugins have to be loaded on both client and server. The server-manager
      on the client side typically helps load the plugin from default
      location. However if the plugins were loaded from a different location
      then the plugin-path needs to be specified not only at the client side
      but also on the server side. This commit also achieves this.
      The add_client[_server]_plugin test is extended to allow
      plugin_path. The test driver is changed slightly to parse more options
      sent to the server.
      Change-Id: I15c26748979b280edae817cd34ea198cfe4a7bfe
  20. 21 Mar, 2013 1 commit
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      Fix dashboard errors. · 16da5682
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      We would get configure errors on first build/
      Change-Id: I26bdbc5de262360bced617933c82bcaa4c3b0172
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      Installing pvserver etc. in the app bundle on make install. · 574fdec9
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      1. Disabling generation of shared forwarding executables on mac. That's no
         longer necessary on Mac. We should use install_name_dir even when not
         installing apps (that's not currently supported, however).
      2. Adding all executables to the export targets list so that projects can use
         those targets.
      3. Updating ParaViewBrandingInstallApp.cmake to ensure that all executables in
         the <install_prefix>/bin directory get placed in the app bundle under
         App/Contents/bin. Since these executables already have their install_name_dir
         set to point to @executable_path/../Libraries, we don't need any shared
         forwarding and the executables find the libraries just fine.
      Change-Id: I63454a5abc03ff71a076cbe56a5936097f3c8b25
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      Cleaning up install rules. · 004ef9bb
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      ParaView no longer does third party installs.
      Also deprecating ParaViewBrandingCPack. Users should use CPack directly if
      Change-Id: I81c9170ec1f788e026a82bd525b928b76cdc37a4
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      Fix libary link overflow on MacOS · c64f22ec
      Chris Harris authored
      On MacOS (Snow Leopard and probably others) there is a limit (253)
      to the number of libaries you can link against, we are over this limit.
      Need to remove transitive dependencies from these libaries by seting
      LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES to "" or a limited set.
      Change-Id: Idf8c8a974802a1dc3ce5cb6275c0dc343e66eb89
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