1. 27 Jun, 2013 1 commit
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  4. 19 Jun, 2013 4 commits
    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      Bring in fix for BUG #14077 in QtTesting. · e4c6870f
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      Change-Id: Id23c08dcd34c533cde3f646a596b4815f78033ac
    • Nikhil Shetty's avatar
      Adding option to load plugin at command line. · 5aeb9eb5
      Nikhil Shetty authored
      Two options are added to the command line namely --test-plugin and
      --test-plugin-path. These will be used exclusively for loading and
      testing individual plugins in paraview.
      --test-plugin option takes the name of the plugin and loads it. The
        default plugin load paths are used with this option.
      --test-plugin-path append the provided path to the actual search path.
      Also adding two new cmake functions i.e add_client_plugin_tests and
      add_client_server_plugin_tests which takes in Plugin name as an
      additional option and passes it along with the --test-plugin command
      We are changing multiple plugin tests to use this options instead of
      loading it in the test script. We also get rid of all xml code to load
      the plugins from the test scripts.
      Plugins have to be loaded on both client and server. The server-manager
      on the client side typically helps load the plugin from default
      location. However if the plugins were loaded from a different location
      then the plugin-path needs to be specified not only at the client side
      but also on the server side. This commit also achieves this.
      The add_client[_server]_plugin test is extended to allow
      plugin_path. The test driver is changed slightly to parse more options
      sent to the server.
      Change-Id: I15c26748979b280edae817cd34ea198cfe4a7bfe
    • Sebastien Jourdain's avatar
      Add distributed Trivial producer for iPython use case. · 4298ea8c
      Sebastien Jourdain authored
      Change-Id: Ie32bb4ae82b7c80f889dd5c304f247f1386a65e2
    • Andrew Bauer's avatar
      Suppress Nektar warnings for overloaded virtual functions. · aa7babb0
      Andrew Bauer authored
      Change-Id: I7c16392e6ed8f07f2b0c848bafea35403805e20b
  5. 18 Jun, 2013 16 commits
    • Pat Marion's avatar
      Add the debug leaks view to ParaView · 72cd55f1
      Pat Marion authored
      The debug leaks view is be shown as a top level widget on application
      startup if the environment variable PV_DEBUG_LEAKS_VIEW is set.
      pqPythonDebugLeaksView extends the vtkQtDebugLeaksView to add Python
      capabilities to the debugger.  You can add references to tracked VTK
      objects to the Python console for inspection.
      Change-Id: I26918d9a499817ff5c75cef5dba82e5ba1de9ae7
    • Pat Marion's avatar
      Remove the call to smtrace.print_trace from smstate.trace_state. · 7a6f9108
      Pat Marion authored
      The print statement is unnecessary.  The trace is saved to a file, so the
      printing is probably a remnant from development and debugging of smstate.
      Change-Id: I626dcb1be4a745bec59e81e2b09e5824995107a5
    • Pat Marion's avatar
      Use the python main context instead of the interactive console for trace. · fc79162f
      Pat Marion authored
      The record trace and trace state features can execute in the __main__
      python context using vtkPythonInterpreter::RunSimpleString() instead
      of executing in the context of the interactive console owned by the
      I can't think of a reason to prefer one context instead of the other, but
      using the __main__ context simplifies the code in pqPythonManager.
      In either case, the only variables written to the context is the imported
      smtrace module name and the __smtraceString str object.
      Change-Id: I5239067c9d95a27f9a5867fd075b4bc146c4da76
    • Pat Marion's avatar
      Remove unused methods in pqPythonManager · 11c7cdef
      Pat Marion authored
      Change-Id: I6786ecfa3905e447c8926022f764cf2130067d63
    • Pat Marion's avatar
      Remove pqPythonShell::initPythonInerpreter callback. · b8e68e68
      Pat Marion authored
      Now, the pyPythonManager calls pqPythonShell::setupInterpreter() after
      the pqPythonShell has been created.  This way, the pyPythonShell does
      not execute an python code in its constructor, but the pqPythonManager
      guarantees that it is fully initialized after construction.
      Executing python code in the constructor is bad because of the way stdout
      is handled in a callback by the pqPythonManager, and using a timer to
      initialize later is bad because the stdout won't be routed correctly
      until after the timer callback.
      This commit also removes the ExitEvent handling from the pyPythonShell
      since ParaView only finializes Python once at exit, there is no need to
      have a handler to reset the pyPythonShell.
      Change-Id: Ib9b53f38f4b7fc558823dcb11c029554bd23828c
    • Pat Marion's avatar
      Initialize Python before constructing the python console · 1fc7abe7
      Pat Marion authored
      Python was being initialized when executing code in the pqPythonShell
      constructor. Instead, Python should be initialized explicitly by the
      pqPythonManager before constructing the pqPythonDialog object.
      The pqPythonShell does not need to handle the EnterEvent anymore.
      Change-Id: Ib7d97929f989687194ab4a91f1fae6397eb4fc50
    • Pat Marion's avatar
      Fix the SetParameter API overloads of the vtkPythonProgrammableFilter · d19f1fd3
      Pat Marion authored
      Commit fc8cabcd (April 2007) introduced a SetParameter function on the
      programmable filter.  It added a string vector property to filter proxy
      that could be used to set arbitrary parameter name/value pairs that would
      be defined in the filter python script.
      Commit 8311d712 (July 2011) introduced several SetParameter overloads so
      that custom string, int, and double vector properties were supported.
      This allowed proxy xml to declare custom properties on the python
      programmable filter that would be presented in the GUI like regular
      properties.  But, this commit also changed the behavior of the original
      Parameter string vector property.
      Commit 9176ba5c (March 2012) accidentally broke the SetParameter
      This commit (May 2013) fixes the SetParameter overloads and original
      Parameter string vector property (but both cannot be used together).
      This commit adds a test for the SetParameter API and adds an example
      proxy xml file that demonstrates how to define a python programmable
      filter with custom parameters.
      Change-Id: I3583fbfdd7d9d442799c714bb2c34693d34ed2ea
    • Pat Marion's avatar
      Fix: in the programmable filter, delete the function before redefining it · e4926369
      Pat Marion authored
      This was a bug in the programmable filter.  If there was a syntax error
      in the python script, then the python code that defined the RequestData
      function (or other functions) would fail, and then the filter would
      execute the previously defined version of the function.  The previously
      defined version could have even been defined by a different programmable
      In the future, the programmable filter could be refactored so that it
      executes all code in a namespace (it could use the
      vtkInteractivePythonConsole) which is cleaned up each time.  Currently,
      it stores variables directly in the __main__ context.
      Change-Id: Ieba0ca70396aa08fb7f8a8cc93aa4e2edc3f71c9
    • Pat Marion's avatar
      Add a test for using the Python programmable filter with pvserver · afc3965a
      Pat Marion authored
      Change-Id: I7413cba942cabc1bd9b5557964c7aa1224ca5750
    • David C. Lonie's avatar
      Move PVScalarBar/PVGL2PSExporter API to VTK superclasses. · f3842f66
      David C. Lonie authored
      These are moved as part of a fix for an export bug in GL2PS with
      the new scalar bar actor class.
      Change-Id: I367601e4dc96293eacf68f93ae4199c91cd59d41
    • Pat Marion's avatar
      Change the behavior of pqPythonShell::pushScript() to split over newlines · af99ee38
      Pat Marion authored
      Previously, you could not paste multiline statements into the ParaView
      python console.  This commit changes the behavior of the pushScript()
      function so that it splits the script code over the newline character
      and pushes each line separately.
      This does change the behavior of entering multiline statements: previously
      pushScript() would attempt to detect the indent and start the next line
      using the indent of the previous line.  This behavior has been removed.
      The new behavior closely matches the behavior of the standard commandline
      python interpreter.
      Change-Id: I899ec69194a1cce3d82cefc2f13048aad8f81fec
    • Pat Marion's avatar
      Execute python code in the context of the interactive console. · c9465009
      Pat Marion authored
      The function pqPythonShell::executeScript() is used to programmatically
      execute python code.  This is used when running python scripts the user
      selects with the Run Script button.  These should run in the console
      Code executed with vtkPythonInterpreter::RunSimpleString() will run in the
      __main__ context which is now different from the ParaView python console.
      The "from paraview.simple import *" statement is only executed in the
      ParaView python console.
      Change-Id: I5f957e6d60a6f77d37a6ed7c6b7cf1eec10fb517
    • Pat Marion's avatar
      Don't print a newline when executing a python command in the console. · 7cbabb73
      Pat Marion authored
      Printing a newline forced a new prompt to be printed even if the executed
      python code did not generate any stdout.  The python console now uses
      a flag this->Prompted to determien whether or not displaying the prompt
      is required.
      Change-Id: I8d28012b8281934961f2d8c78e91102b5f78c9f3
    • Pat Marion's avatar
      Add a call to prompt() during the python shell startup · 2ad79382
      Pat Marion authored
      This prints the ">>>" prompt before printing the status message so that
      the user will see:
      >>> from paraview.simple import *
      Change-Id: I477bf59677400bf2073b9812afe8c7558d2796ef
    • Pat Marion's avatar
      Make sure the paraview module is always initialized by pqPythonManager · 00427e58
      Pat Marion authored
      If Python was initialized before the pqPythonManager was constructed then
      the paraview module would not be imported as it is supposed to.  This
      could happen if a startup plugin initialized Python before the
      pqPythonManager is created, which can be the case with Python based
      Change-Id: I3a79547ce84d19773d95725e7fc1b7c6b99cb64c
    • Pat Marion's avatar
      Disable trace observers when tracing python state in cpstate.py · a1fedb96
      Pat Marion authored
      This is the same as the bugfix that was applied to smstate.py in
      commit b27145eb
      Change-Id: I2e5cd64c1f224cc8b788a02e5f6008c59c0591e5
  6. 17 Jun, 2013 1 commit
    • Kyle Lutz's avatar
      Add follow-data animation · d9665ad3
      Kyle Lutz authored
      This adds a new animation mode which will track a data object
      as it moves during the animation. The cameras position and focal
      point will be updated each time-step to keep the data at the center
      of the view.
      In order to make this change the vtkPVCameraCueManipulator class
      now needs access to the vtkSMSourceProxy for the data to follow
      so that it may get the bounds from the data information. This
      necessitated moving the animation classes from ClientServerCore
      to the ServerManager module.
      Change-Id: I9d82f749d459bb7598a96f77dd5dbc049e9bfce3
  7. 15 Jun, 2013 2 commits
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