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      Refactor "Save Screenshot". · 6070be2b
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      Refactoring the infrastructure to save screenshots in ParaView. These
      changes move logic to capture a screenshot of abitrary resolution to
      ServerManager. Using a proxy for specifying the options for saving a
      screenshot, all aspects of that operation -- including changing color
      palette, stereo mode, etc. -- are now accessible in ServerManager and
      hence in Python.
      Also options relevant to saving screenshot e.g. view border,
      transparency for images, are now shown in the save screenshot dialog
      itself, without having to change the same in the "Settings".
      Adding UI to control font-scaling when saving screenshots allows uses to
      scale fonts (for high-PPI outputs) or maintain size (for
      high-resolution, same PPI outputs).
      Addresses #17223, #16107, #14955, #14958.