1. 30 Jan, 2018 1 commit
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      Misc. typos · 5bff56a1
      luz paz authored
      Some are user-facing and some aren't user-facing. Found via `codespell -q 3 -D ~/Documents/diff-experiment/dictionary.txt --skip="./ThirdParty,./Qt" -I ../paraview-whitelist.txt`
      whitelist contents were
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      Adding 'command' to <SubProxy> element. · 17f6016e
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      It's often that we need to pass the VTK object for a subproxy to the
      container proxy using a Set* method. We ended up subclassing vtkSIProxy
      for such cases. Adding support to simply specify the command to use to
      on the XML definition itself. Hence all such subclasses become
  4. 18 Aug, 2014 1 commit
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      Added ability for selection representations to use original selection. · 2b16ad91
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      There are cases (e.g. Histogram View/Representation) where the
      selection-representation needs the original input selection (and not the
      selection converted to IDs). Added mechanism for that.
      vtkPVExtractSelection now has a 3rd output which is simply the same as
      its inputs. vtkSMChartRepresentationProxy can pass either the 2nd or 3rd
      output from vtkPVExtractSelection to the selection representation proxy
      based on how the property was named.
      Change-Id: I06ebeef9e9ff8168dacafe520e6c7d1202f2de59
  5. 06 May, 2014 1 commit
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      Added new domain (vtkSMChartUseIndexForAxisDomain). · d3578095
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      This new domain is used to set UseIndexForXAxis property's default value
      correctly. This removes the hacks to setup default value for the
      property in vtkSMChartRepresentationProxy.
      Change-Id: I02c3c7aea32a5021e0f22dcee979fc10eb17e00b
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  9. 07 Feb, 2014 2 commits
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      Cleanup logic for setting default values. · 67830907
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      Added mechanism on vtkSMProxy to set default values for all properties that
      pqProxy now uses when a new proxy is created. We still have a few hacks lurking
      around for dealing with compound proxies in pqPipelineSource.
      Added support in vtkSMChartRepresentationProxy to correctly set UseIndexForXAxis
      property's default value based on what XArray is picked.
      Change-Id: If7e4ba6d40541e501a5524d2bbe55be8f992d646
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      Refactoring 2D chart representations. · 1166c794
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      The primary objective of this refactor is to remove custom display panels for
      charting views such as line/bar/scatter-plot-matrix/parallel-coordinates views
      and migrate these panels to the new style as required by the unified Properties
      panel added in ParaView 4.0.
      The secondary object is to move logic for setting up defaults etc. to the
      ServerManager layer rather than in VTK or Qt world, so that the representations
      behave consistently in pvpython and ParaView-GUI.
      This is achieved as follows:
      + New domains are added (vtkSMChartSeriesListDomain and
        vtkSMChartSeriesSelectionDomain) which can be used on properties pertaining to
        series in a plot e.g. SeriesVisibility, SeriesColor etc. These domains
        automatically keep themselves up-to-date when new arrays are added or removed
        due to other state changes. Like other domains in ParaView, these only depend
        on the data-information available on the client-side.
      + vtkChartNamedOptions and vtkXYChartNamedOptions are removed. Instead
        vtkChartRepresentation subclasses take over the responsibility of managing
        series parameters. vtkXYChartRepresentation is suitable for vtkChartXY views
        which accept vtkPlot subclasses.
      + vtkChartRepresentation is refactored to simplify data-delivery logic. Also
        added a new REQUEST_RENDER pass to vtkPVContextView which allows chart
        representations to update the vtk objects properly thus separating data
        related operations from appearance related operations.
      + pqChartSeriesSettingsModel represent the table-widget used for presenting user
        with the available series and changing their properties. Based on properties
        available on the proxy, pqChartSeriesSettingsModel can adapt its UI to show as
        few or as many widgets as needed. pqChartSeriesSettingsModel is used for all
        2D views, thus we no longer need separate pqChartSeriesSettingsModel and
        pqPlotSettingsModel which have been removed.
      + vtkPVPlotMatrixRepresentation now respects order specified by the user on the
        SeriesVisibility property. The UI no longer hacks the order changes (which
        were not preserved in state files or undo/redo stacks), instead updates the
        property appropriately. Same can be done for
        vtkPVParallelCoordinatesRepresentation,  but missing API on
        vtkPVParallelCoordinatesRepresentation keeps that from actually working, for
      + Refactored logic for dealing with multiblock-of-tables. The mechanism for
        naming/addressing tables in a multiblock dataset has also changed to make it
        easier to read. vtkChartRepresentation makes it easier for subclasses to work
        with multiblock of tables (e.g. vtkXYChartRepresentation) or a single
        vtkTable (vtkPVParallelCoordinatesRepresentation,
      A few side effects:
      + New arrays that become available are no longer shown automatically. The onus
        falls on the appplication layer to manage their visibility/appearance. Work in
        progress to update UI when new arrays become available.
      Change-Id: I6531f85a2167c73d98dbb28edf7aa3cc32031111
  10. 04 Oct, 2012 1 commit
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      Refactoring SelectionRepresentation for charts. · 35235114
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      Charts using the same representation (vtkChartRepresentation) to manage data as
      well as selection. The problem with  this approach is that whenever the
      selection changes, we have to reexecute the vtkChartRepresentation even if the
      data didn't change and only the selection changed. The representations in 3D
      view deal with this my creating a separate SelectionRepresentation and the
      selection input is fed directly to this representation. That way when the
      selection changes, only the SelectionRepresentation is modified. We adopt that
      same approach for chart representations.
      Added a new vtkChartSelectionRepresentation. vtkChartRepresentation now creates
      a vtkChartSelectionRepresentation that deals with delivering/showing selections.
      vtkSIChartRepresentationProxy ensures that the vtkChartSelectionRepresentation
      is set correctly on the vtkChartRepresentation; while
      vtkSMChartRepresentationProxy ensures that the selection-input is set correctly
      on the proxy corresponding to vtkChartSelectionRepresentation.
      + Also cleaned up AnnotationLink. Now, we consistently create AnnotationLink in
      the vtkPVContextView (or subclass). In the past the link was created in
      vtkChartRepresentation or vtkPVPlotMatrixView.
      + Also cleaned up vtkPVCompositeRepresentation.
      During the evolution of vtkPVCompositeRepresentation, there was stage when we
      were thinking of passing selection-input transparently to the
      SelectionRepresentation held by vtkPVCompositeRepresentation. However, that
      meant that vtkPVCompositeRepresentation would be marked as modified whenever the
      selection changed. So to avoid that, we changed the code to setup the selection
      input directly to the SelectionRepresentation in vtkSMPVRepresentationProxy.
      The unused code persisted in vtkPVCompositeRepresentation. Removing that.
      Change-Id: I1c834976c1aeb6343732a3c61fb3bd4876562ff0
  11. 29 Jun, 2012 1 commit
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  13. 13 Feb, 2011 1 commit
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      Directory restructuring of Servers. · d7d21495
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      * Created new ParaViewCore directory in place of Servers.
      * Moved classes from old directories to new ones.
      * Removed some obsolete classes that were lingering in Filters/ServerManager.
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  19. 20 May, 2010 1 commit
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      Remove vtk(Cxx|Type)RevisionMacro · 2eee7d11
      Mark Olesen authored
      The CVS $Revision$ keyword replacement will no longer maintain these
      macros automatically.  They were used only to implement CollectRevisions
      and vtkObjectBase::PrintRevisions, an API that was never used.
      Automated as follows:
        pass 0:
        catch templates
        $ git grep 'vtk\(Cxx\|Type\)RevisionMacro' | grep '<'
        pass 1:
        main changes
        $ git grep -l '^vtkCxxRevisionMacro' | while read file; do
          echo "$file" 1>&2
          perl -i -ne 'print unless (/^vtkCxxRevisionMacro/ and /\)/)' $file
        $ git grep -l -e 'vtkTypeRevisionMacro(' | while read file; do
          echo "$file" 1>&2
          perl -i -pe 's/vtkTypeRevisionMacro/vtkTypeMacro/g' $file
        pass 2:
        $ git grep 'vtk\(Cxx\|Type\)RevisionMacro'
      Fixed multi-line vtkCxxRevisionMacro and templates by hand.
  20. 23 Apr, 2010 1 commit
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      Remove vtk(Cxx|Type)RevisionMacro · b23af0aa
      Mark Olesen authored
      The CVS $Revision$ keyword replacement will no longer maintain these
      macros automatically.  They were used only to implement CollectRevisions
      and vtkObjectBase::PrintRevisions, an API that was never used.
      Automated as follows:
        pass 0:
        catch templates
        $ git grep 'vtk\(Cxx\|Type\)RevisionMacro' | grep '<'
        pass 1:
        main changes
        $ git grep -l '^vtkCxxRevisionMacro' | while read file; do
          echo "$file" 1>&2
          perl -i -ne 'print unless (/^vtkCxxRevisionMacro/ and /\)/)' $file
        $ git grep -l -e 'vtkTypeRevisionMacro(' | while read file; do
          echo "$file" 1>&2
          perl -i -pe 's/vtkTypeRevisionMacro/vtkTypeMacro/g' $file
        pass 2:
        $ git grep 'vtk\(Cxx\|Type\)RevisionMacro'
      Fixed multi-line vtkCxxRevisionMacro and templates by hand.
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  24. 31 Mar, 2009 1 commit
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      ENH: This commit is to add support for display panels for the new bar and line · 00c9dd9a
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      chart views. It includes a plethora of sub commits:
      * Added support for vtkQtChartSeriesOptionsModel which is a model from which the
        series options are obtained by the chart layer. Also includes concrete
        subclasses for this one.
      * vtkSMProperty now has a Parent ivar which refers to the Proxy to which the
        property belongs. This was needed for the vtkSMChartingArraysInformationHelper
        to make it easy to fill up the info property with the list of available
      * Added support to vtkSMPropertyHelper to handle setting/getting of status
        properties i.e. StringVectorProperties with first value being the array name
        (or similar) and the second (or a few more) being the value or status for that
        array. This is used to get/set the series options with ease.
  25. 10 Nov, 2008 1 commit
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      ENH: Adding support for vtkTables as first class data objects in Paraview. · bed8567e
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      Fixes BUG #7786. This covers a broad array of fixes/enhancments including:
      * Histrogram filter produces vtkTable.
      * Charts now use vtkTable (instead of vtkRectilinear grid).
      * Charts can plot any attribute data.
      * CSV Reader reads in vtkTable instead of vtkRectilinear.
      * Spreadsheet view cleanup --  the streaming logic is now more streamlined :).
      * Selection widget performance -- when a large number of cells/points were
        selected/unselected, the client would take a lot of time updating the
        selection inspector panel. This is now fixed.
      * Merging vtkTimeSeriesWriter into vtkParallelSerialWriter and fixing it to work
        with arbitrary data-objects rather than just vtkPolyData.
  26. 19 Sep, 2007 1 commit
  27. 06 Sep, 2007 2 commits