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      Improve layout support in Python. · bcd98a1d
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      To fix #18964, pqMultiViewWidget no longer
      automatically grabs a newly created view. Instead association of a view
      with a layout is now an explicit action. This makes it possible to
      faithfully reproduce Python traces when played back in the Qt GUI.
      Since all views are now created 'detached', the APIs to create detached
      views is being removed since it's no longer applicable.
      Python state support was also imporved to correctly record view layouts.
      Previously, layouts were simply not saved in Python state files.
      SplitViewTrace and TraceMultiViews tests now do baseline compares to
      validate the fixes.
      Fixes #18964.
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    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      refactoring remote rendering · ced8cf80
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      This commit cleans up the code that manages remote rendering.
      This fixes several issues: #15205, #17611, #18940, #18152, #18938,
      and #18937. #17815 is also addressed since its no longer applicable.
      ParaView no longer creates a single render window to use among all
      vtkPVView instances on non-client processes like pvbatch or pvserver,
      pvrenderserver. This shared render window was the root cause of several
      headaches and necessitated classes like vtkPVSynchronizedRenderWindows
      and extra burden on views to re-direct several calls like creating
      windows, resizing windows to vtkPVSynchronizedRenderWindows. This is no
      longer the case. Non-client processes still have a single viewable
      window per proceses (vtkPVProcessWindow). However, this is not the
      window that each view renders into. Instead, each view creates its own
      vtkRenderWindow subclass. However, it's a FBO-based render window which
      shares the context with the process specific render window
      (created in vtkPVProcessWindow). This makes it possible to simply blit
      back the rendering results from each view to the user-viewable window
      when needed (e.g. tile display, cave, etc.).
      `vtkPVSynchronizedRenderWindows` is now obsolete and removed with
      appropriate convenience API now moved over to vtkPVView. This also
      removes the need to initialize each view with a unique ID and hence
      `vtkPVView::Initialze()` API is no longer needed and hence removed.
      vtkIceTCompositePass was fixed to address several issues including tile
      display aspect ratios (#18152, #17611). vtkPVIceTCompositePass is no
      longer needed and hence removed which further simplifies the code.
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      integrate logging support in ParaView. · 7253d105
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      Adding support for logging using vtkLogger in ParaView.
      * command line options (-v) enable users to specify log verbosity for
        messages shown on stderr by default.
      * command line options (-l) allow users to request multiple log files with
        different verbosities.
      * vtkPVLogger implements a category-based logging framework that allows
        users to elevate log levels for predefined categories at runtime using
        environment variables.
      * proxies support a logname attribute that gets set with user
        friendly name to make it easier to interpret log messages.
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