1. 05 Aug, 2010 7 commits
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      CMakeLists.txt modified for Python Programmable filter. · db30e7d7
      Meng ZHU authored
      ParaView/Servers/ServerManager/Testing/Python/CMakeLists.txt is modified
      to handle specially for PythonFilters.py which tests the Python
      programmable filter functionality. The modification adds PythonFilters.py
      to the test list, it also makes the ctest system parses the outputs of
      PythonFilters.py for regular expression that contains "Error". The reason
      for this special behavior is that the programmable filter back end
      constructs Python scripts on the fly after it receives input expressions.
      If there is any error in the input expressisons, the errors or exceptions
      that are caused when the constructed script is run, will not be catched
      by the constructing environment. So even the test fail, there is no way
      to inform ctest about it since the exception is not catchable. The only
      possible way is to let ctest parse the outputs and when it sees anything
      containing "Error", assuming that the test failed. Of course, this is not
      comprehensive, for example, if "Warning" is thrown, ctest will not detect
      it. However, given the constraints, this is the best can be done.
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      Add tests for Python programmable filter. · aae9d06e
      Meng ZHU authored
      Servers/ServerManager/Testing/Python/PythonFilters.py has been
      drastically modified to do a test for all programmable filter
      currently supported. The tests also covers all possible combinations.
      For example, min works on scalars, vectors and tensors that are
      assocaited with points or cells. So there are six combinations for
      min in total. All cases are tested.
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      Rewrite Utilities/VTKPythonWrapping/paraview/vtk/algorithms.py · d97ab948
      Meng ZHU authored
      Too many modifications have been done to algorithms.py to resolve the
      conflicts manually. Just simply overwrite the entire file because the
      new file is correct for sure.
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      Corrected dataset_adaptor.py to work with C++ pointer/buffer in Python. · 8ad96033
      Meng ZHU authored
      Use buffer() to wrap C++ pointer so that memory address is correctly
      tranfered between Python objects, and between Python and C++ objects.
      Also add array association attributes to Python objects so that we can
      track whether the input data array is associated with cell or will
      point. This is very important because otherwise we will be unable to
      get the right input data, or put the output to wrong association.
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      ENH: Exclue KWCommon cruft from coverage. · bfeca438
      David Partyka authored
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