Commit ec614a92 authored by Kyle Lutz's avatar Kyle Lutz

Disable MultiBlockAttributes1 test on pvcrs

The MultiBlockAttributes1 test requires selection for the context
menu and thus does not work on pvcrs.

Change-Id: Idc6533d1321597bd47d930f272c135994a9d7340
parent 5d1c41f7
......@@ -409,6 +409,9 @@ SET (NewColorEditor1_DISABLE_CRS TRUE)
SET (ViewSettingsDialog_DISABLE_CS TRUE)
SET (ViewSettingsDialog_DISABLE_CRS TRUE)
# MultiBlockAttributes1 requires selection which doesn't work on pvcrs
SET (MultiBlockAttributes1_DISABLE_CRS TRUE)
# Plugins are only built as shared libraries.
SET (AnalyzeReaderWriterPlugin_DISABLE_C TRUE)
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