Commit bf5d42ea authored by Julien Finet's avatar Julien Finet

Tweak LineChartSelection and FunctionalBagPlots tests

Change-Id: Iad0c7815644dbe0ec5c02955186b4a02b176aaef
parent 6ad668ad
......@@ -473,6 +473,11 @@ IF (PARAVIEW_USE_MPI)
# Hence disable them.
set (LineChartSelection_DISABLE_CS TRUE)
set (LineChartSelection_DISABLE_CRS TRUE)
# Selections end up highlighting different set of ID based points in parallel.
# Hence disable them.
set (FunctionalBagPlots_DISABLE_CS TRUE)
set (FunctionalBagPlots_DISABLE_CRS TRUE)
# Composite Surface Selection is currently broken in everything but bultin
......@@ -546,6 +551,8 @@ SET (CutMulti_REVERSE_CONNECT TRUE)
# Since this involves charts.
SET(HistogramSelection_THRESHOLD 40)
SET(LineChartSelection_THRESHOLD 40)
SET(FunctionalBagPlots_THRESHOLD 40)
# Increate threshold for this one since the chart axes
# tends to render slightly differently.
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