Commit a98e9597 authored by florian maurin's avatar florian maurin

add bezier cells to unstructure grid that can be genereated from the GUI

parent 4387fd1e
......@@ -146,6 +146,18 @@
value="72" />
<Entry text="Lagrange Wedge"
value="73" />
<Entry text="Bezier Curve"
value="75" />
<Entry text="Bezier Triangle"
value="76" />
<Entry text="Bezier Quadrilateral"
value="77" />
<Entry text="Bezier Tetrahedron"
value="78" />
<Entry text="Bezier Hexahedron"
value="79" />
<Entry text="Bezier Wedge"
value="80" />
<IntVectorProperty command="SetOutputPrecision"
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