Commit 995c6f0f authored by Sebastien Jourdain's avatar Sebastien Jourdain

Remove deprecated --server-postflags argument

Change-Id: I54030337685cccea8d635f49b753fe0f93deb247
parent 5aeb9eb5
......@@ -195,7 +195,7 @@ if (EXISTS "${smooth_flash}" AND PARAVIEW_DATA_ROOT)
add_pv_test(pvcs "_DISABLE_CS"
--server $<TARGET_FILE:pvserver>
--server-postflags --enable-streaming
......@@ -296,11 +296,6 @@ int vtkSMTestDriver::ProcessCommandLine(int argc, char* argv[])
this->SeparateArguments(argv[i+1], this->MPIServerPreFlags);
fprintf(stderr, "Extras server preflags were specified: %s\n", argv[i+1]);
if(strncmp(argv[i], "--server-postflags",18 ) == 0)
this->SeparateArguments(argv[i+1], this->MPIServerPostFlags);
fprintf(stderr, "Extras server postflags were specified: %s\n", argv[i+1]);
if (strncmp(argv[i], "--allow-errors", strlen("--allow-errors"))==0)
this->AllowErrorInOutput = 1;
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