Commit 871cf7da authored by Cory Quammen's avatar Cory Quammen

Add vtkPointSet as dataset type requiring output being same as input

parent 10b1c2ef
......@@ -103,7 +103,8 @@ int vtkReductionFilter::RequestDataObject(
const char* hOT = helpersInfo->Get(vtkDataObject::DATA_TYPE_NAME());
const char* helpersOutType = hOT;
if ((!strcmp(hOT, "vtkDataSet") || !strcmp(hOT, "vtkDataObject")))
if ((!strcmp(hOT, "vtkPointSet") || !strcmp(hOT, "vtkDataSet") ||
!strcmp(hOT, "vtkDataObject")))
// Output type must be same as input.
vtkInformation* inInfo = inputVector[0]->GetInformationObject(0);
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