Commit 7cbfc70e authored by Robert Maynard's avatar Robert Maynard

Remove the CompositeSurfaceSelection Test from client server.

The selection code is currently not working in client server no matter
the configuration.
parent 0a8c2184
......@@ -165,10 +165,15 @@ IF (PARAVIEW_USE_MPI)
# Composite Surface Selection is currently broken in everything but bultin
SET (CompositeSurfaceSelection_DISABLE_CS TRUE)
SET (CompositeSurfaceSelection_DISABLE_CRS TRUE)
# Clip test has object picking which is not supported in client-render-server
# mode.
# These Xdmf tests have wireframes, hence the increased thresholds.
SET (XdmfReadImageData_THRESHOLD 20)
SET (XdmfReadRectilinearGrid_THRESHOLD 20)
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