Commit 3a2872b3 authored by Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar Utkarsh Ayachit

fix #17616: cleanup lut related APIs in `simple`

Updating lut APIS in simple to use the newer mechanisms and thus fixing
issue #17616.
parent d02cd33d
# Tests a few of the lut API provided by paraview.simple
from paraview.simple import *
w = Wavelet()
ainfo = w.PointData["RTData"]
assert AssignLookupTable(ainfo, "Cool to Warm") == True
AssignLookupTable(ainfo, "--non-existent--")
# this should never happen!
assert False
except RuntimeError:
assert len(GetLookupTableNames()) > 0
......@@ -276,6 +276,12 @@ const Json::Value& vtkSMTransferFunctionPresets::GetFirstPresetWithName(const ch
return nullValue;
bool vtkSMTransferFunctionPresets::HasPreset(const char* name)
return !this->GetFirstPresetWithName(name).isNull();
vtkStdString vtkSMTransferFunctionPresets::GetPresetName(unsigned int index)
......@@ -85,6 +85,11 @@ public:
vtkStdString GetPresetName(unsigned int index);
* Returns true if a present with given name exists.
bool HasPreset(const char* name);
* Returns true if the preset has opacities i.e. values for a piecewise function.
r"""Utility module for easy manipultions of lookup tables.
This module is intended for use with by"""
This module is intended for use with by
DEPRECATED: will be removed in future releases of ParaView.
# Program: ParaView
......@@ -1519,7 +1519,6 @@ def CreatePiecewiseFunction(**params):
return pfunc
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
def GetLookupTableForArray(arrayname, num_components, **params):
"""Used to get an existing lookuptable for a array or to create one if none
exists. Keyword arguments can be passed in to initialize the LUT if a new
......@@ -1527,46 +1526,54 @@ def GetLookupTableForArray(arrayname, num_components, **params):
*** DEPRECATED ***: Use GetColorTransferFunction instead"""
return GetColorTransferFunction(arrayname, **params)
# global lookup table reader instance
# the user can use the simple api below
# rather than creating a lut reader themself
_lutReader = None
def _GetLUTReaderInstance():
""" Internal api. Return the lookup table reader singleton. Create
it if needed."""
global _lutReader
if _lutReader is None:
import lookuptable
_lutReader = lookuptable.vtkPVLUTReader()
return _lutReader
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
def AssignLookupTable(arrayInfo, lutName, rangeOveride=[]):
"""Assign a lookup table to an array by lookup table name.
def AssignLookupTable(arrayObject, LUTName, rangeOveride=[]):
"""Assign a lookup table to an array by lookup table name. The array
may ber obtained from a ParaView source in it's point or cell data.
The lookup tables available in ParaView's GUI are loaded by default.
To get a list of the available lookup table names see GetLookupTableNames.
To load a custom lookup table see LoadLookupTable."""
return _GetLUTReaderInstance().GetLUT(arrayObject, LUTName, rangeOveride)
`arrayInfo` is the information object for the array. The array name and its
range is determined using the info object provided.
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
`lutName` is the name for the transfer function preset.
`rangeOveride` is provided is the range to use instead of the range of the
array determined using the `arrayInfo`.
Example usage::
track = GetAnimationTrack("Center", 0, sphere) or
arrayInfo = source.PointData["Temperature"]
AssignLookupTable(arrayInfo, "Cool to Warm")
def GetLookupTableNames():
"""Return a list containing the currently available lookup table names.
A name maybe used to assign a lookup table to an array. See
return _GetLUTReaderInstance().GetLUTNames()
presets = servermanager.vtkSMTransferFunctionPresets()
if not presets.HasPreset(lutName):
raise RuntimeError("no preset with name `%s` present", lutName)
lut = GetColorTransferFunction(arrayInfo.Name)
if not lut.ApplyPreset(lutName):
return False
if rangeOveride:
return True
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
def GetLookupTableNames():
"""Returns a list containing the currently available transfer function
presets = servermanager.vtkSMTransferFunctionPresets()
return [presets.GetPresetName(index) for index in range(presets.GetNumberOfPresets())]
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
def LoadLookupTable(fileName):
"""Read the lookup tables in the named file and append them to the
global collection of lookup tables. The newly loaded lookup tables
may then be used with AssignLookupTable function.
"""Load transfer function preset from a file.
Both JSON (new) and XML (legacy) preset formats are supported.
If the filename ends with a .xml, it's assumed to be a legacy color map XML
and will be converted to the new format before processing.
return _GetLUTReaderInstance().Read(fileName)
presets = servermanager.vtkSMTransferFunctionPresets()
return presets.ImportPresets(fileName)
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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