Commit 0505de7a authored by Meng ZHU's avatar Meng ZHU

Modified pythonfilter.xml SetArrayAssociation bug

parent db30e7d7
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
<EnumerationDomain name="enum">
<Entry value="0" text="Point Data"/>
......@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ class DataSetAttributes(VTKObjectWrapper):
"""This is a python friendly wrapper of vtkDataSetAttributes. It
returns VTKArrays. It also provides the dictionary interface."""
def __init__(self, vtkobject, dataset):
def __init__(self, vtkobject, dataset, association):
self.VTKObject = vtkobject
import weakref
self.DataSet = weakref.ref(dataset)
......@@ -232,16 +232,16 @@ class DataSet(VTKObjectWrapper):
def GetPointData(self):
"Returns the point data as a DataSetAttributes instance."
return DataSetAttributes(self.VTKObject.GetPointData(), self)
return DataSetAttributes(self.VTKObject.GetPointData(), self, ArrayAssociation.POINT)
def GetCellData(self):
"Returns the cell data as a DataSetAttributes instance."
return DataSetAttributes(self.VTKObject.GetCellData(), self)
return DataSetAttributes(self.VTKObject.GetCellData(), self, ArrayAssociation.CELL)
def GetFieldData(self):
"Returns the field data as a DataSetAttributes instance."
return DataSetAttributes(self.VTKObject.GetFieldData(), self)
return DataSetAttributes(self.VTKObject.GetFieldData(), self, ArrayAssociation.FIELD)
PointData = property(GetPointData, None, None, "This property returns \
the point data of the dataset.")
CellData = property(GetCellData, None, None, "This property returns \
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