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    Integrate Cray ATP · aab327cb
    Burlen Loring authored
    Abnormal Termination Processing (ATP) is a system that monitors Cray
    system user applications. If an application takes a system trap, ATP
    performs analysis on the dying application. All stack backtraces of
    the application processes are gathered into a merged stack backtrace
    tree and written to disk as the file, atpMergedBT.dot. The stack
    backtrace tree for the first process to die is sent to stderr as is
    the number of the signal that caused the application to fail.  If
    Linux core dumping is enabled (see ulimit or limit in your shell
    documentation), a heuristically selected set of processes also dump
    their cores. To use ATP, the ATP must be linked into the application
    and the shell environemtn variable ATP_ENABLED=1 must be set prior to
    launching the program with aprun. This patch adds a CMake module to
    locate APT libraries and set up link flags. The new module will be
    used to link ATP lib into the command line executables if the CMake
    variable PARAVIEW_USE_ATP is ON and ATP is found.
    Change-Id: I29e817338dd0f199b55d395019d58a6f23f02be4
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