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    cleanup spreadsheet view · 9fe63c47
    Utkarsh Ayachit authored
    This commit was motivated by a fix for BUG #17739. This includes the
    following improvements:
    1. added properties on SpreadSheetView to control aspects like hidden
       columns. There were two mechanisms at play to control the columns
       that are hidden one in the Qt part and another in the View for
       exporting. Combined those to use a single approach.
    2. Simplified pqSpreadSheetViewDecorator to update properties on the
       view for things like cell connectivity, field association etc. This
       make undo/redo, state save/restore work better for several of the
       parameters. A few still remain (see paraview/paraview#18388).
    3. Changed CSV export to use column labels. Also made CSV export always
       only export visible columns. The toggle we previosly exposed doesn't
       make sense. Export capability is meant to export what is shown in the
       view. The option to export extra columns was unnecessary.
    4. Added a mechansim to vtkSMViewProxy subclasses to update their
       properties when representation are hidden/shown via the controller.
       vtkSMSpreadSheetViewProxy uses this mechanism to pick a good field
       association for the visible source.
    5. pqExportReaction was messing up undo/redo stack. Fixed that.
       pqExportReaction should not be affecting the undo/redo stack at all.
    (cherry picked from commit 4679f456)
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