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    Adding new SIL representation. · e4c11e0e
    Utkarsh Ayachit authored
    This commit addresses issue #17349 which requests adding zone-based
    selection to CGNS reader.
    To do that, we do the following.
    1. Adding a new representation for SIL, `vtkSubsetInclusionLattice`.
       This class should move to VTK once the API stabilizes.
       vtkSubsetInclusionLattice makes SIL a first-class datastructure with
       API to get/set nodes using user friendly path names. Prevously, SIL
       was represented using a vtkGraph.
    2. vtkCGNSReader uses vtkSubsetInclusionLattice (a subclass of it,
       rather) to define the SIL and use it for base, zone, bc selection.
       Old API for selection on the reader is still supported. The old
       properties, however, are removed.
    3. Adding new domain (vtkSMSubsetInclusionLatticeDomain) and UI elements
       (pqSubsetInclusionLatticeTreeModel, pqSubsetInclusionLatticeWidget)
       to show properties for selecting blocks using
    4. The old SIL representation is not deprecated yet, just flagged as
       legacy. We need to update VTK-based readers before can deprecate
       legacy SIL representation.
    5. PVSM backwards comability is handled reasonably, Python API changes.
       however are more challeging to handle. Since the usage might be
       limited anyways, opting to print warning messages for now.
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