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    Refactoring vtkSMArrayListDomain/vtkSMInputArrayDomain. · 2f6c3bb4
    Utkarsh Ayachit authored
    Cleaned up vtkSMArrayListDomain and vtkSMInputArrayDomain.
    vtkSMInputArrayDomain no longer depends on a required property to decide the
    field association. That was relevant in ParaView 2.0 days when we used separate
    UI widgets to pick array association and array name. This simplifies
    vtkSMInputArrayDomain considerably. Fixed vtkSMInputArrayDomain::AttributeTypes
    to match vtkDataObject::AttributeTypes. The mismatch was unnecessary and
    Cleaned vtkSMArrayListDomain to simplify interaction with vtkSMInputArrayDomain.
    Now vtkSMArrayListDomain can work without any vtkSMInputArrayDomain specified on
    the required Input property. Default setup logic in vtkSMArrayListDomain wasn't
    respecting the attribute_type correctly (due to misinterpretation of overloaded
    term 'attribute'). Fixed that.
    vtkSMStringListDomain no longer has public API to change the domain. We will
    update other domains to follow the same pattern.
    Change-Id: I6d44a29cb1763b84f2b9d80c03c72da314f2d616
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