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Cli refactor

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Command line option parsing

The command line options parsing code has been completely refactored. ParaView now uses CLI11. This has implications for users and developers alike.

Changes for users

There way to specify command line options is now more flexible. These can be provided as follows:

  • -a : a single flag / boolean option
  • -f filename: option with value, separated by space
  • --long: long flag / boolean option
  • --file filename: long option with value separated using a space
  • --file=filename: long option with value separated by equals

Note this is a subset of ways supported by CLI11 itself. This is because ParaView traditionally supported options of form -long=value i.e. - could be used as the prefix for long-named options. This is non-standard and now deprecated. Instead, one should add use -- as the prefix for such options e.g. -url=... becomes --url=.... Currently, this is done automatically to avoid disruption and a warning is raised. Since this conflicts with some of the other more flexible ways of specifying options in CLI11, we limit ourselves to the ways listed above until this legacy behaviour is no longer supported.

The --help output for all ParaView executables is now better formatted. Options are grouped, making it easier to inspect related options together. Mutually exclusive options, deprecated options are clearly marked to minimize confusion. Also, in most terminals, the text width is automatically adjusted to the terminal width and text is wrapped to make it easier to read.

Several options supports overriding default values using environment variables. If the option is not specified on the command line, then that denoted environment variable will be used to fetch the value for that option (or flag).

Note: all old command line options are still preserved, including "-dr" etc.

Changes for developers

vtkPVOptions and subclasses are deprecated. Instead of a single class that handled the parsing of the defining of command line flags/options, command line arguments, and then keep state for the flag/option selections, the new design uses two different classes. vtkCLIOptions handle the parsing (using CLI11), while single such as vtkProcessModuleConfiguration, vtkRemotingCoreConfiguration, pqCoreConfiguration maintain the state and also populate vtkCLIOptions with supported flags/options. Custom applications and easily add their on *Configuration classes to populate vtkCLIOptions to custom options of override the default ParaView ones. If your custom code was simply checking user selections from vtkPVOptions or subclasses, change it to using the corresponding *Configuration singleton.

Fixes #20618 (closed)

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