1. 03 Oct, 2012 2 commits
  2. 27 Sep, 2012 1 commit
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      Fix color test regression. · a2dd2fc2
      David Thompson authored
      This change forces the color editor to allow duplicate scalar
      values for control points (i.e., you can have color discontinuities).
      Previous to this change, coincident control points were not allowed
      and this was enforced by deleting one of them. However, the order
      was not consistent across other changes and there is no reason to
      prevent discontinuous maps, so the constraint is being removed.
      Change-Id: I1f44b707af6a9e6c3da213626ab16a2253d41352
  3. 26 Sep, 2012 1 commit
  4. 25 Sep, 2012 2 commits
  5. 24 Sep, 2012 12 commits
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      Fix compiler warnings. · 7d9d8411
      David Thompson authored
      Change-Id: I4160bfd5627b8fa3cfc38e6c2ebbb6af246e41ec
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      Remove debug code. · 5a3e196b
      David Thompson authored
      Change-Id: I308b54a74d46fce1d47c92bcc9a28d0b09a978bc
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      Add color chooser to annotation tab. Add/fix tests. · 886f27c7
      David Thompson authored
      Change-Id: Id5f0a323846b783616b3908c37be579fd3206172
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      Add NaN button to categorical colors. Fix swatches. · bca45267
      David Thompson authored
      The color swatches in the color scale dialog's annotation page
      did not match the colors assigned by the scalar bar actor when
      columns were sorted. Fix that.
      When in categorical color mode, the NaN color could not be edited.
      Fix that by adding a second NaN color button.
      Change-Id: I22b9af0fe2f0e64c693f56d0308e983848b49c9a
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      Fix bugs in communication of annotations+colors... · c44fe4a5
      David Thompson authored
      ... between the client and server.
      Change-Id: Id0c7e9ef1b01ff2e7b3fa3c96ee7fdee1f7ca441
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      Eliminate the annotation color column... · 85a4549a
      David Thompson authored
      ... as the color can be indicated as part of the value column.
      Change-Id: Id46f2671a9f4cd4c2cb5d83ebac467399e1bb15f
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      Render previews of categorical color maps. · bfd01044
      David Thompson authored
      Previews are rendered properly but there are still some
      problems loading and saving categorical color maps.
      Change-Id: I5dda7a19d912703e387ffe1709a23dc14d0f155e
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      Fix drag-and-drop reordering of annotations. · 0511dbb2
      David Thompson authored
      When the annotation tree widget was being sorted by a column,
      drag-and-drop reordering of entries had no effect.
      Intercept drop events and reset column sorting just before the
      drop occurrs.
      Also, allow users to turn off column sorting by double-clicking
      the tree widget header row.
      Change-Id: I4e11a9f21cee05961ec4046f2f507bbd880bd75a
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      Fix transfer of color control points to server. · a371de54
      David Thompson authored
      The color transfer function control points being sent from the
      client's color editor to the discretized color transfer function
      proxy (and thus eventually to the server) were having their
      colors quantized on the client before being issued to the proxy.
      This caused problems when switching to/from indexed mode because
      the `vtkLookupTable` holding the quantized color is very small
      in indexed lookup mode.
      So, don't quantize where we have no need to; use the control point
      values directly.
      Change-Id: I8904f0d5e12495f9c6765531bd5a15574fbb2978
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      Switch annotations to use a `QTreeWidget`. · b27c6e41
      David Thompson authored
      `QTableWidget` would not allow row-like behavior and
      `QListWidget` would not allow multiple columns.
      The "tree" is very simple: everything is on the top level.
      This commit also includes a lot of debug output that
      will need to be removed.
      Change-Id: I2de25879a304ad96c302ea2bc80aa40b68994a72
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      Initial annotation support. · b7fb11b9
      David Thompson authored
      Change-Id: I5eedc146d160a6e791cb13ecb7a56e18aaab7bb9
    • David Thompson's avatar
      Add annotations to the PV color editor dialog. · 9a8f17c7
      David Thompson authored
      Change-Id: Icd12e2f09f915119fe2e046c5db36d9ab33021de
  6. 10 Aug, 2012 1 commit
    • Yumin Yuan's avatar
      Bug 13349, editing color scalar value entry box causes wrong color. · 252c232f
      Yumin Yuan authored
      The problem is that when processing the scalar value after entry box
      editing finished, first of all, there is no checking whether the value is
      actually changed, and also if the value is indeed changed, the logic to
      update the transfer function is wrong. Fixed both issues.
      Change-Id: Id6680a9e78d2c62de8c4749467ae56fe64c516f1
  7. 27 Jul, 2012 3 commits
  8. 16 Jul, 2012 1 commit
  9. 04 Jul, 2012 1 commit
    • Kyle Lutz's avatar
      Use kwProcessXML instead of vtkEncodeString for color maps XML · 6322fc62
      Kyle Lutz authored
      This replaces the usage of vtkEncodeString with kwProcessXML
      for generating the header file containing the XML string for
      the built-in color maps. The vtkEncodeString application can't
      split strings and this was causing errors with compilers that
      don't support strings with more than ~65,000 characters.
      Change-Id: I59e01da0164d6166f3613ba1cf50573502acdd05
  10. 03 Jul, 2012 1 commit
    • Kyle Lutz's avatar
      Use XML file for storing the built-in color maps · 0aabb6d9
      Kyle Lutz authored
      This changes the pqColorScaleEditor::loadBuiltinColorPresets()
      method to load the built-in color maps from a XML file instead
      of hard coding their values.
      This also adds a number of contributed color maps from ERDC.
      Change-Id: I28cc8f09f670e3cc07d12dc4e65ed81eb6c35f63
  11. 23 Apr, 2012 1 commit
  12. 17 Apr, 2012 1 commit
  13. 16 Apr, 2012 1 commit
    • Yumin Yuan's avatar
      Brought back the color table for single scalar. · 535b304b
      Yumin Yuan authored
      When a dataset has a single scalar value, a color-button was used, which
      seems to cause confusion to some users since they used to see a table with
      single color for that. This commit bring back the old behavior, and the
      user can click on the table to change its color.
      Change-Id: I0e6bcd6891d75b508ac2e169871c6f841c74fed1
  14. 13 Apr, 2012 1 commit
  15. 30 Mar, 2012 1 commit
  16. 29 Mar, 2012 1 commit
  17. 18 Mar, 2012 1 commit
    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      BUG 13010. Add support to save default scalar bar. · ed2c02f1
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      Now when user clicks "Make Default" in the color table editor, if the scalar bar
      is visible, then its properties will also be saved as default. When a new scalar
      is created thenceforth, we use the saved default properties to initialize the
  18. 22 Dec, 2011 2 commits
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