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......@@ -951,6 +951,40 @@ plugin is loaded, as shown below.
It is also possible to customize further the documentation with 3 additional
* `DOCUMENTATION_ADD_PATTERNS`: If specified, add patterns to search for the
documentation files within `DOCUMENTATION_DIR` other than the default ones
(i.e. `*.html`, `*.css`, `*.png`, `*.js` and `*.jpg`). This can be used to
add new file extension (ex: `*.txt`) or even subdirectories (ex:
`subDir/*.*`). Subdirectory hierarchy is kept so if you store all of your
images in a `img/` sub directory and if your html file is at the root level
of your documentation directory, then you should reference them using
`<img src="img/my_image.png"/>` in the html file.
* `DOCUMENTATION_TOC`: If specified, the function will use the given string to
describe the table of content for the documentation. A TOC is divided into
sections. Every section points to a specific file (`ref` keyword) that is
accessed when selected in the UI. A section that contains other
sections can be folded into the UI. An example of such a string is:
<section title="Top level section title" ref="page1.html">
<section title="Page Title 1" ref="page1.html"/>
<section title="Sub section Title" ref="page2.html">
<section title="Page Title 2" ref="page2.html"/>
<section title="Page Title 3" ref="page3.html"/>
* `DOCUMENTATION_DEPENDENCIES`: Targets that are needed to be built before
actually building the documentation. This can be useful when the plugin
developer relies on a third party documentation generator like Doxygen for
#### Adding a Toolbar
Filters, reader, and writers are by far the most common ways for extending
Supports Markdown
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