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Commit eba9a4e8 authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel
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cmake: add back options to mark plugins for autoload

Fixes: #19276
parent 88c042c1
......@@ -554,6 +554,17 @@ list(LENGTH vtk_modules vtk_modules_len)
list(LENGTH paraview_modules paraview_modules_len)
message(STATUS "Enabled modules: VTK(${vtk_modules_len}), ParaView(${paraview_modules_len})")
foreach (paraview_plugin IN LISTS paraview_plugins)
option("PARAVIEW_PLUGIN_AUTOLOAD_${paraview_plugin}" "Autoload the ${paraview_plugin} plugin" OFF)
if (PARAVIEW_PLUGIN_AUTOLOAD_${paraview_plugin})
list(APPEND autoload_plugins
endif ()
endforeach ()
HEADERS_DESTINATION "${CMAKE_INSTALL_INCLUDEDIR}/paraview${paraview_version_suffix}"
......@@ -566,7 +577,8 @@ paraview_plugin_build(
TARGET_COMPONENT "development"
PLUGINS ${paraview_plugins})
PLUGINS ${paraview_plugins}
AUTOLOAD ${autoload_plugins})
......@@ -386,6 +386,9 @@ following options:
cmake configure and hence must be passed on the command line itself.
* `PARAVIEW_PLUGIN_ENABLE_<name>` (default varies): Whether to enable a
plugin or not.
* `PARAVIEW_PLUGIN_AUTOLOAD_<name>` (default `OFF`): Whether to autoload a
plugin at startup or not. Note that this affects all clients linking to
ParaView's plugin target.
#### Miscellaneous settings
ParaView uses VTK's module system to control its build. This infrastructure
# autoload-options
* `PARAVIEW_PLUGIN_AUTOLOAD_<PLUGIN>` options have been made available once again.
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