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Documentation/dev/build: document VTK module debug flags

These are provided via VTK's `vtkModuleDebugging` module, but were not
documented for ParaView.
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......@@ -461,6 +461,7 @@ These variables should be documented once they're effective again.
VTK. Note that ParaView has fairly narrow requirements for the VTK it can
use, so only very recent versions are likely to work.
## Building editions
A typical ParaView build includes several modules and dependencies. While these
......@@ -478,6 +479,28 @@ this using the `PARAVIEW_BUILD_EDITION` setting. Supported values for this setti
* `CATALYST_RENDERING`: Same as `CATALYST` but with rendering supported added.
* `CANONICAL` (default): Build modules necessary for standard ParaView build.
## Debugging facilities
ParaView's build is fairly complicated, so a few debugging facilities are
provided. VTK's module system debugging facilities may be controlled by using
the following flags:
* `ParaView_DEBUG_MODULE` (default `OFF`): If enabled, debugging is enabled.
Specific portions of the module system may be debugged using the other
* `ParaView_DEBUG_MODULE_ALL` (default `OFF`): Enable all debugging messages.
* `ParaView_DEBUG_MODULE_building` (default `OFF`): Log when modules are
being built.
* `ParaView_DEBUG_MODULE_enable` (default `OFF`): Log why modules are
* `ParaView_DEBUG_MODULE_kit` (default `OFF`): Log information about
discovered kits.
* `ParaView_DEBUG_MODULE_module` (default `OFF`): Log information about
discovered modules.
* `ParaView_DEBUG_MODULE_provide` (default `OFF`): Log why a module is being
built or not.
* `ParaView_DEBUG_MODULE_testing` (default `OFF`): Log testing for VTK
### Building documentation
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